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Jobsforher Information – Contact Info

Jobsforher provides an online portal to connect women on career breaks with mentorship, resume-writing assistance, career counseling services, confidence & leadership workshops, and skills upgradation via reskilling. Established in 2015 and based in Bangalore, India, Jobsforher Restart Portal Private Limited is a business services company serving clients globally.

Contact Information

Jobsforher was established in 2015 in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The company provides an online platform that connects women on career breaks with companies looking for them and provides mentorship and training sessions for women who wish to relaunch their careers. Furthermore, over 400 reskilling partners have joined Jobsforher as partners that help women prepare for returning to work.

Jobsforher was established by Neha Bagaria and launched on International Women’s Day 2015 to empower women by providing them with jobs, community resources, mentoring programs, reskilling education, and networking opportunities that help advance their careers.

Jobsforher Restart Portal Private Limited, an independent non-governmental company specializing in Business activities not otherwise specified, employs 127 people in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Customer Service

Jobsforher was established in 2015 as an internet job connecting service. They offer mentoring, resume writing assistance, confidence-building workshops, career counseling services, and reskilling to women starting or rejoining their careers by providing mentorship, resume writing assistance, confidence building workshops, career counseling services, and reskilling services. Their platform connects over 1.85 million women looking for work with over 7000+ companies located worldwide. Based in Bengaluru, 51-200 employees nationwide use this technology. Their key competitors include Guillin Group products; MasterD and Master ConcessionAir products serve as resellers within India, while its main competitors include Guillin Group products (resellers). Jobsforher is also reseller of Guillin Group products (MasterD Master ConcessionAir Flo Valve PeerStreet). It resells Guillin Group products (MasterD, Master ConcessionAir Flo Valve PeerStreet). It currently employs 51-200 employees, its industry sector being the Internet.


Jobsforher provides an online career platform to support women as they begin, restart, and advance. Established by Neha Bagaria on International Women’s Day 2015 and officially rolled out during International Women’s Month 2016, Jobsforher connects job aspirants with employers for mentoring services, community, confidence-building workshops, and networking opportunities.

With headquarters in Bengaluru, Karnataka, and India as its home base, this company employs 127 workers and specializes in Internet.

Jobsforher has developed an innovative proprietary technology to match candidates with roles that fit their skills and career goals and partnerships with over 400 reskilling partners who help women re-skill and upskill themselves. Jobsforher offers full-time, flexible, and work-from-home positions across various industries and sectors for women, such as Citibank, Future Group, and Unilever; it is privately owned.