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What is Foundit?

FoundIt, based in the UK, provides a customer intent data platform with solutions such as conversion rate optimization, onsite search optimization and journey optimisation; SEO/marketing automation services are also provided by FoundIt.

Launch Film of Campaign

Job portal

There are various job portals available to assist with finding your ideal career. Many allow you to upload your resume and apply for multiple jobs simultaneously. At the same time, some provide premium services that can help strengthen your resume and increase the odds of securing an interview – this may include resume writing, profile verification, and career guidance services. Be wary of companies asking for money before giving you work; such companies are likely scams.

Indeed is one of the world’s leading job search engines if you’re searching for IT jobs. With its user-friendly interface and filters to filter by job type, salary range, location, and more – and tools designed to help build professional networks and manage careers – Indeed is an indispensable resource.

This job portal offers free registration to over one million registered users and boasts thousands of job openings in every corner of the globe. Their mobile app makes applying for jobs from anywhere more accessible, while their notifications feature lets you stay up-to-date on upcoming listings that meet your criteria.

Found it is evolving its platform into an experience designed to address the future of work. They aim to offer candidates the optimal job-hunting and hiring experiences possible by harnessing disruptive technology for precision hiring and providing an improved UI that caters to each candidate’s requirements.

The site has been revamped to be more intuitive and mobile-friendly and includes new tools to assist job seekers prepare for interviews. For instance, the “Self-Evaluation” tool helps individuals assess their strengths and weaknesses and provides tips for interviewing.

Cutshort is another outstanding resource for IT professionals, offering a recruitment platform using gamification and AI to match candidates with recruiters. Their impressive client list includes Microsoft. Their revolutionary technology is revolutionizing recruitment practices – making it easier for candidates to find jobs while recruiting managers are finding quality talent quickly.

Recruitment platform

Finding its recruitment platform may be helpful if your company needs talent for recruitment purposes. This platform allows recruiters to connect with candidates and assist in finding them their ideal jobs. In addition, found it provides searchable job postings, resume database access, and career-related media content for employers and job seekers alike.

Foundit’s recruitment platform uses deep technology to deliver hyper-personalized candidate searches based on educational background, employment history, and validated skills. This enables recruiters to make faster hiring decisions as well as self-enhancement tools like personalized recommendations and upskilling assessments for self-development purposes.

The company’s platform also allows recruiters to target specific job roles and locations – making the platform especially helpful for companies with limited resources. Furthermore, their mobile apps enable candidates to search and apply for jobs from anywhere, simplifying the recruitment process.

Foundit is unlike traditional job boards in that its platform is directly used by hiring employers, making it more efficient in recruiting talent while saving time and money. Furthermore, recruiters can quickly target candidates most likely interested in the position.

Discovering the right candidate can be challenging, but with proper recruitment tools and strategies in place, you can increase your odds. The first step should be creating an exact job description; social media should then be utilized to promote this job posting while including links on both websites or LinkedIn profiles.

Foundit (formerly Monster APAC & ME) has announced the second edition of Aspire 2023: an online career fair for freshers and young professionals aged 21-30. Partnered with Microsoft, this event provides recruiters access to talent across industries, including IT, BFSI, Ed-Tech, Consulting Advertising & Market Research Healthcare, Future Ready Talent Interns, and Microsoft-certified learners.


Rebranding can be an invaluable tool in today’s digital environment, giving businesses an edge. Done correctly, rebranding can open doors to new customers, but if done incorrectly, it can damage brand equity and put customers off. Here are some tips to ensure your rebranding efforts succeed.

Rebranding can be a complex endeavor that takes both time and money. This requires completely revamping brand identity, visual elements, and messaging as well as conducting an in-depth evaluation of current market conditions and the competitive landscape as well as understanding target audiences as well as any challenges they face.

Monster India’s recent rebrand to Foundit marks an exciting, optimistic shift in its approach. Their new campaign from Wunderman Thompson Bangalore depicts empowered job seekers who know precisely what they need and don’t hesitate to request what they desire.

Found its rebrand comes at an essential juncture as they transition from a recruitment platform to a talent acquisition solution, offering hyper-personalized job search results based on educational background, employment experience, and validated skills. Furthermore, recruiters will benefit from insights derived from candidate datasets that allow faster hiring decision-making and career assistance through mentorship programs and upskilling assessments.