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What Is Best Choice Roofing?

Reviews about Best Choice Roofing can offer insight into its company culture, compensation structure, and training opportunities – providing valuable information that may help you decide if Best Choice Roofing suits you.

BCR stands out as the highest-producing roofing franchise, offering customer-first repairs and replacement services in an ever-evolving need-based industry. Storm damage never ceases to threaten lives – make BCR your partner today for success in storm recovery!

What is the Warranty?

Best Choice Roofing (BCR), one of the country’s largest roofing companies, aims to provide homeowners exceptional roofing services. Boasting over 40 offices nationwide and offering roofing repairs and replacements, siding installation, window and gutter installations, and masonry work, Best Choice also provides various financing options tailored specifically for its customer base.

BCR has quickly established itself as a premier roofing company with a proven business model and brand recognition. Franchisees of BCR can take advantage of various resources and support systems available, including marketing programs, training resources, a national call center service for appointment setting services, appointment setting services, marketing support systems, and support networks – all designed to ensure success and profit for each franchisee. BCR strives to provide every franchisee with success and is dedicated to seeing that each franchisee finds success and profitability within its company network.

BCR prioritizes customer service and offers a complete roofing solution, including inspection, insurance claim processing, installation, site cleanup, and final roofing inspection. Their streamlined process helps deliver more excellent value to their customers; a lifetime labor warranty covers new buildings, while a 50-year manufacturer’s limited warranty on shingles is provided with every facility.

Salary for this position depends on where it is held; top cities with higher-than-average pay include Berkeley, CA; Merced, CA; Daly City, CA; and many others. Average salaries may also be higher here, making finding work at this company easier in these locations.

What is the Installation Process?

Roof specialists from this company take great pride in inspecting every aspect of a client’s roof and attic before replacing damaged parts with high-quality materials. Their streamlined process involves roof inspection, removal of old roofing, sub-roof inspection/repair, and new roof installation/installation process with site cleaning/final inspection as part of its seamless service offering.

BCR is a nationally-renowned roofing contractor with over 40 locations and an expansive network of storm damage experts. Their customer-first philosophy and staff success ensure homeowners receive high-quality products to safeguard their homes.

This company provides its employees numerous benefits and perks, such as free training opportunities and career advancement. Furthermore, there is also a flexible work schedule and competitive salaries. Below is a list of leading Roofing, Siding, and Masonry industry companies with their salary ranges.

Best Choice Roofing is seeking energetic and driven individuals to join its team. Ideal candidates should be capable of working independently while aspiring for financial independence; additionally, they must be capable of recruiting, training, and leading a highly-motivated sales team. For more information about opportunities at Best Choice Roofing, click here.

What is the Materials Used?

You can choose from various roofing materials to cover your home. Some materials are natural while others are made from synthetic ones; the type you select will impact its cost and maintenance requirements, with an ideal choice being one that complements both architecture and affordability while being long-term durable.

Metal roofs are among the most sought-after options, costing from $6 to $18 per square foot and offering several advantages, such as fireproofing, long-term durability, and moisture protection for interior spaces. Metal shingles provide a more traditional look in multiple colors and styles.

Clay tiles are another popular natural roofing choice. Molded and fired to produce durability, clay tiles can withstand high winds and extreme temperatures while remaining relatively inexpensive and requiring professional installation services. However, professional installation costs more.

Asphalt shingles are an economical and long-term roofing option. Available in various colors, these durable shingles can also be surfaced with cool-colored granules to help keep your home cooler. However, field-coating an existing asphalt roof for cooling purposes can result in moisture retention issues and invalidate its manufacturer’s warranty.

Wood shingles and shakes add rustic charm to your home, perfect for Cape Cod cottages and cozy Craftsman-style properties in dry climates, lasting up to 50 years if properly cared for. However, they must be regularly treated against insect infestation and water damage in wet environments.

What is the Warranty Period?

Before applying to Best Choice Roofing, review their company reviews and salaries to understand what to expect and whether this position fits you. This research lets you understand what to expect and determine whether this job opportunity is a good match.

BCR is searching for driven people who wish to build financial independence for themselves and their teams. While no specific backgrounds are necessary, candidates must exhibit outgoing personalities who enjoy building relationships within their community while being capable of following an established business model.

Best Choice Roofing stands as the highest-producing franchise in the country and provides an incredibly scalable business model in an industry that never stops evolving. Their customer-first approach and proprietary products set them apart, and they have robust marketing systems such as national call centers and appointment-setting services in place. Plus, they provide weekly continuing education sessions for their sales and management teams!

Below is a list of companies that offer salaries similar to Best Choice Roofing. Clicking on one will take you directly to its salary range so you can compare it against what is provided at Best Choice Roofing. If the salary offered by any specific company does not satisfy, consider asking for a raise or finding another job option.