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JobsForHer – Overview

As corporate world diversity hiring changes rapidly, more women than ever before are reconsidering their careers, and JobsForHer has been created as an outlet.

Career engagement platforms open doors of opportunity, learning, and connection for women. This platform pairs job seekers with job openings while offering reskilling courses, networking events, and mentorship programs.

Job Search Engine

JobsForHer is a career connecting portal created to assist women who took an extended hiatus from their careers to resume them successfully. Through mentorship, community, reskilling opportunities, job listings, and free career assessments on this platform, new career assessments may also help women kick-start their journey back into employment. JobsForHer has partnered with over 8,500 companies and 500 reskilling providers to provide women with everything needed to return to the workforce more efficiently.

Bagaria was inspired to create the website by her experience of motherhood, which now boasts more than 3 million registered users. Additionally, it hosts events to assist restarters in finding work-life balance and networking with each other. Furthermore, its search engine offers flexible work options and part-time jobs tailored specifically to restarters’ skill sets and preferences; furthermore, it also features writing/editing services, telecalling positions, and customer service positions available on the platform.

Restarters have access to numerous resources on this website, such as weekly job alerts, resume advice, interview techniques, and profile uploading to be discovered by recruiters and hiring managers. Rejoiners are an excellent way for individuals returning from a career break to return to employment quickly.

JobsForHer offers more than reentry assistance – they also have a community of alumni and mentors who can assist during their transition back into the workforce. Furthermore, JobsForHer offers a specific program to assist women returning after having children.

As more companies embrace diversity, women who take time off will face more excellent employment opportunities. While specific industries still exhibit gender discrimination, others have tried to hire more female employees and offer them the chance to climb corporate ladders.

JobsForHer has launched the DivHERsity Awards as part of an initiative that recognizes companies with excellent gender-diversity policies and initiatives that improve recruitment and retention rates of women employees. They also honor businesses promoting workplace culture through various programs for women, such as flexible working schedules or work-from-home options.

Upskilling Courses

Upskilling refers to developing new skills or abilities to enhance job performance. Upskilling may involve becoming more qualified for an existing position or transitioning into another profession entirely; upskilling can increase work productivity, raise earnings and enhance job satisfaction – while it also offers cognitive stimulation benefits which may benefit mental health.

JobsForHer, an online career engagement and job board platform dedicated to women, has announced it offers tech courses through the HerTech Academy to hone women’s tech knowledge and foster participation in digital workforces. In partnership with knowledge partner Simplilearn, JobsForHer will offer 101 full monthly scholarships to women enrolling in online tech courses; each scholarship includes course fees, mentoring services from experts, and career counseling from career counselors in each course they enroll for. Furthermore, JobsForHer will host networking events where women from diverse backgrounds can network.

The HerTech Academy will focus on teaching women programming languages and how to create web applications and backend systems using them. The program will cover data science and machine learning techniques and prepare participants to start their tech businesses or join startups. It is offered with industry partners in mind and includes a free demo class to familiarise women with its contents.

Women taking a career break often feel they must upgrade their skills before returning to work, according to a joint survey by JobsForHer and Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s S P Jain Institute of Management and Research, where 94% of returnee women believed that an advanced management degree could help them find jobs.

The online platform offers diverse courses designed as one-stop shops for women looking to restart their careers. Their latest offerings include a six-week course on coding and management program designed to give women the confidence to return to full-time careers. In addition, this site boasts an impressive network of mentors and coaches.


Mentorship can provide a boost to your career needs. Mentors help develop new competencies, strengthen existing ones, and foster solid professional networks; plus, they give confidence for taking risks and stretching beyond comfort zones. It is beneficial for women returning from an extended absence from the workforce who may feel more at home when paired with female mentors to feel more at ease and secure when returning to the workplace.

One-on-one mentoring can help you navigate the challenges of reentering the job market and build a successful career path. Plus, mentoring programs tailored for women returning to work offer excellent leadership development opportunities; some may also benefit women working outside their field!

Mentorship can make all the difference in your career journey. In addition to providing advice and support, a great mentor can offer valuable insight into business environments; navigate tricky situations; negotiate with superiors; open doors to networking opportunities that would otherwise remain closed; and open up networking doors that otherwise remain shut. A great mentor can guide you from entry-level positions up through executive-level roles.

Mentorship programs are integral to any company’s employee engagement strategy, helping reduce disengagement and increase retention rates while allowing women to interact with senior leadership and build their confidence. Women-specific mentoring programs may also provide mid-management and leadership levels an opportunity to change gender imbalance in their industry.

At JobsForHer, we understand the importance of mentoring. That’s why we provide a free online mentoring tool explicitly designed to connect women returnees with mentors curated for your specific career needs through our Mentor+ program. Register on JobsForHer and complete your profile; once done, we will match you up with one who best matches your career goals!

Career Coaching

No matter where you are on your career journey – be it job searching, professional advancement, or being held accountable – career coaching can help ensure you stay on the path toward achieving your goals. Furthermore, working with an influential career coach can also assist with uncovering assumptions you hold about professional growth that may be holding you back while offering strategies to overcome such hurdles.

Career coaches may seem like something only unemployed people need, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. People seek career coaching when they feel stuck or stagnant in their jobs; even for those already secure in their career path, investing in a coach may bring long-term benefits such as increased mental fitness, enhanced focus, and enhanced work/life balance.

Career coaches can assist in creating an attractive personal brand to stand out in the job market, including crafting resumes, cover letters, and elevator pitches that stand out to hiring managers. Furthermore, career coaches teach how to mine hidden job markets by identifying networks and effectively interviewing.

Career coaching can also assist with workplace challenges such as discriminatory practices and unequal access to opportunities, helping build a network of trustworthy peers and mentors and offering assistance when you’re struggling in times of need. Career coaches also advise overcoming burnout, impostor syndrome, and trauma effects in your career path.

Before selecting a career coach, conducting extensive research on their background and qualifications is essential. Ensure they’re certified, have up-to-date knowledge of coaching best practices, offer references from past clients, and offer free initial consultations to assess whether it will work out before signing contracts.

Career coaches can give you an edge in the job market and help you secure your dream position, but it may be hard to identify one as suitable.