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Is Foundit Legit?

Monster India has transformed into Foundit and unveiled their brand’s launch film featuring young job seekers with clear career goals. It aims to facilitate recruitment processes with candidates by connecting recruiters and candidates seamlessly.

This UK-based firm specializes in customer intent data and marketing automation solutions, with an automated platform that optimizes category and product pages to match shopper intent, increasing conversion rates by up to 7% while improving onsite search and navigation.

How it works

Found it, formerly known as Monster, offers various services designed to assist job seekers and employers in finding suitable matches. Utilizing artificial intelligence (AI), recommendations are given based on job preferences and other factors; candidate data is curated for recruiters, while personalized support, such as mock interviews and prep materials, is provided to candidates.

This company provides recruiters with premium subscription packages, and you can sign up for a free trial by visiting its website. Services provided include a job search engine, candidate management, and recruiting tools. You may cancel your subscription anytime by logging into your account – however, cancellation requests must be approved.

Established in 2016, London-based customer intent data platform provider UQMA provides product discovery, SEO, conversion rate optimization, onsite search navigation, and journey optimization to companies like Debenhams, John Lewis, Dixons Retail Amara, and Premier Farnell.

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Payment options

When creating a Foundit account, you must submit your credit card number for verification purposes and agree to its terms and conditions. After creating an account on Foundit, you can view your subscriptions and cancel those that are no longer relevant, as well as pay with PayPal for payments made directly on Foundit.

When using the Foundit website, it is your responsibility not to violate any local or international laws, such as those that govern copyright protection, trademark registration, or trade secret protection. Do not access or alter any computer system of the Company Foundit websites using devices, software, routines, or manual processes that allow access, monitoring, and copying of content found in sites of the Company Foundit websites. Your content must not contain anything libelous, defamatory, or obscene, containing viruses or malicious code, nor may you share passwords with anyone. Furthermore, Your found-it account may not be transferred or sold to another party for commercial gain. It must always remain current and accurate with the current email information provided to Found it.

Registered Users, Jobseekers, and Recruiters that contribute video content to found it website affirm, represent, and warrant that they possess all necessary patents, trademarks, trade secrets, or other proprietary rights necessary to include and utilize Video Content according to Foundit’s Terms of Use and Privacy Commitment as well as these Additional Terms of Use. Furthermore, they now waive all legal or equitable claims or remedies they have against Foundit about this Video Content.

As stated above, the Company reserves the right to terminate your Foundit account at any time for any reason without prior notice or refund. Should any unauthorized activity or security breach arise that threatens your Foundit account or password security concerns arise, promptly notify them and change it quickly, as well as canceling subscription or updating account information if needed.

Customer support

Found it offers its users an array of customer support options. Phone, email, and live chat support can all help answer inquiries about its platform; customer service representatives are friendly and responsive when responding to the platform. Furthermore, newcomers can take advantage of a free trial offer before committing.

The company is evolving into a platform that accurately represents and responds to the diversity of today’s job market, providing hyper-personalized job recommendations to candidates and career aid such as upskilling assessments and mentorship programs. Furthermore, recruiters will have access to detailed candidate data, making their hiring processes more effective and tailored to every role available on its platform.

Established in 2016, this London-based startup offers a big data marketing solution to automatically optimize category, search, and product pages to match shopper intent, helping reduce bounce rates while increasing product engagement with fickle shoppers on channels like Google Shopping. Leading retailers like Debenhams, Dixons Retail, and John Lewis utilize this product.


Foundit is an online employment services provider. Their services include job postings, resume database access, and recruitment media content for recruitment campaigns in the United States and internationally. Established in 2016 and headquartered out of London in England.

Techopedia Explores Reputation A business’ reputation is vital, particularly within the job search industry. An unfavorable or favorable brand image can significantly sway customer purchasing decisions, so companies must closely monitor both their and competitors’ reputations.

With its rebranding to represent and respond to the diverse global job market, it will radically transform with an improved interface and features that facilitate recruitment professionals and candidates interacting efficiently and intelligently.