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JobsForHer – Social Networking Company in India Founded by Wharton alum Neha Bagaria

Neha Bagaria of Wharton University pitched her business to corporates back in 2015. Her goal was for them to see the value in hiring women returnees as employees.

JobsForHer is a connecting portal designed to assist women in taking professional breaks to jump-start their careers. They do so by offering opportunities, mentorship, and reskilling. In addition, networking events for women working are held.

About Us

JobsForHer, founded by Neha Bagaria, is an online platform designed to assist women on career breaks in successfully starting their careers. JobsForHer has helped women begin or restart their careers more efficiently than ever through job opportunities, mentorship programs, reskilling classes, and community events. Forbes India named JobsForHer among 25 Groundbreaking Women Achievers Who Are Shattering Stereotypes, while Deccan Herald featured JobsForHer among “19 Changemakers to Watch Out for in 2020”.

The startup’s business model is straightforward: matching women who have taken career breaks with employers to help them transition back into employment. They also provide services like networking events, workshops, e-courses, and coaching that assist their professional journeys. According to Bagaria, women may face unique obstacles when trying to reenter the workforce due to a lack of support from family, the need to balance work with home life demands, or perceptions that they are not productive employees.

Bagaria began her entrepreneurial journey as a product manager at Kemwell Biopharma in January 2010 before taking a 3.6-year maternity sabbatical beginning in January 2013 to care for her newborn. While during this period, she recognized a need for help to relaunch her career, thus deciding to quit and launch JobsForHer.

As she presented her idea to potential investors and corporates, her proposal was met with disbelief. Now, however, her venture boasts over 30 members on its team–including former Snapdeal CTO/co-founder Amit Singhal as CTO/co-founder and LinkedIn AVP Diversity Talent Solutions Amit Singhal–working across 16 industries and helping women reenter the workforce.

JobsForHer has seen its revenue skyrocket over the last three years due to rising demand for its services, becoming one of the premier e-commerce hiring platforms and receiving several prestigious awards in recognition of this feat. Yet it still stays true to its commitment to developing products and services tailored specifically for female professionals.

The company plans to diversify its portfolio by creating a hiring platform for women in technology.

Career Opportunities

Neha Bagaria established her company, Re-Entry Women Professionals LLC, to help female professionals who have taken a career break successfully return to the workforce. Their platform connects these women to suitable job opportunities with reputable companies and offers various other services, including networking events and mentorship programs.

This website features an easy-to-use interface that makes searching and applying for jobs effortless. Each job listing displays an overview, qualifications, experience requirements, work type details, and any perks or benefits provided by employers, providing users with everything they need to decide whether a position is worth their consideration.

Once users have located an opportunity that interests them, they can click the “Apply” button to submit their application. The website will send them a confirmation email once received. In addition, the company provides an extensive FAQ section that answers the most commonly asked questions and addresses concerns.

JobsForHer offers job listings and an array of upskilling courses to help women remain competitive. Course offerings span digital marketing and coding to leadership development and entrepreneurship training – some are free while some may require payment; additionally, this company offers networking events and mentoring programs for women.

JobsForHer is committed to helping women find employment, creating more inclusive workplaces, and encouraging employees from various industries to participate in gender equality initiatives. Furthermore, JobsForHer supports several non-profits focusing on women’s empowerment within India.

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JobsForHer is an innovative mentorship platform dedicated to helping women relaunch their careers, offering job search tools, upskilling courses, networking events, and mentorship opportunities tailored specifically for women. Their team includes specialists in career coaching, recruitment, diversity initiatives, and partnerships with companies for employee reskilling programs to support reentry into the workforce with confidence and new skills. Their goal is to help women reenter with confidence.

Bagaria found her inspiration for JobsForHer in her experiences of motherhood and work-life balance as a Wharton graduate. After taking what was meant to be a 40-day maternity leave in 2009 that quickly extended into three years with Kemwell Biopharma (where she oversaw finance and marketing), returning into the job market was far from smooth; guilt, fear, and time management all became challenges she grappled with; realizing other women may experience this struggle, she decided to start JobsForHer.

Now, the company works with over 10,000 employers prioritizing diversity and inclusion, and has assisted thousands of successful hires. Furthermore, its workshops on interviewing, personal branding, networking, and resume writing provide training targeted explicitly toward women returning to their careers after taking time away. Furthermore, its team offers virtual coaching and mentoring for women looking to start or resume their careers.

JobsForHer is hitting the road this summer with its MentorforHer Roadshow to offer women on breaks a unique opportunity to meet industry experts from various fields, including banking and financial services, consulting, HR, E-commerce, Real estate CSR IT.

Neha Bagaria, one of Forbes India’s 2018 WPower Trailblazers and one of Deccan Herald’s “19 Changemakers to Watch Out for” this year, believes that women can change our world for good. Given digital disruption’s rapid pace of transformation, it is critical for women to reenter the workplace with the necessary mindset and skillsets – thus providing organizations with a positive environment to facilitate women returning and ensure they are recognized for their hard work.


Wharton graduate Neha Bagaria wasn’t prepared for how difficult her return would be after taking a 3.6-year maternity leave to have children or how many challenges would be involved in doing so, from guilt management and time management issues to confronting fears related to biases.

JobforHer was developed due to this experience to connect women taking a career break with employers and mentors while allowing them to reskill and upskill before making a comeback in corporate. It increases their odds of finding employment.

According to a joint survey by SPJIMR and JobsForHer, 37% of working professionals seeking to restart their careers expressed interest in learning new skills that will remain relevant. JobsForHer offers various reskilling options through its portal that cover data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data mining techniques. Furthermore, JobsForHer partners with providers who conduct workshops or courses to equip women who take a break with the necessary competencies for an efficient return to the workforce.

The company seeks to reverse the female brain drain by encouraging more and more women to start second careers, connecting women with family-friendly companies, hiring events, and reskilling partners. According to its founder, reskilling is essential for working professionals on an extended break, as it will equip them with the necessary skills while increasing confidence levels.

JobsForHer’s platform is free for all users and provides access to job postings from major Indian companies such as Citibank, Future Group, and Unilever. Each listing details the job title, company name and description, educational qualifications, and work experience requirements needed for each role. In addition, JobsForHer also indicates if employers offer flexible working arrangements or accept returnees into employment roles.

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