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Eco Park Patna Photos

The Eco Park Patna is an expansive green area created to offer visitors a natural place to unwind and unwind, with over 3000 varieties of plants, children’s park rides, and pathways designed for jogging. There is also a food court and natural theme decorations.

The park is divided into two parts connected by a tunnel. The first section features children’s play equipment, food court seating, and fountains. In contrast, the second part offers various themed parks – Cactus Smriti by Subodh Gupta being one such park – featuring Cacti Smriti.

It is a beautiful place.

Eco Park Patna offers the ideal setting for relaxation. This large green area, filled with over 3,000 different plant varieties, was explicitly created as a place for rest and meditation. A children’s park, food court, and other amenities are also available here – it makes an excellent place for picnicking with family or friends. It offers activities such as boating rides, jogging, and aqua zorbing!

The Eco Park on Strand Road in Patna was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Bihar in October 2011, covering over 9.18 hectares and featuring two lakes. Notable attractions of this park are its 1,445-meter walkway, children’s corner, and 1,191-meter jogging track.

Eco Park also features a restaurant and lake for Aqua Zorbing. Open daily from dawn till dusk, jogger entry is free until 8 am, while visitors must pay a nominal fee afterwards.

Patna Park is renowned for being the perfect spot for a peaceful stroll, offering something suitable for people of all ages and generations. Couples can also spend some intimate time together here. While all are welcome here, visitors must remember that Patna is a conservative city; teams should dress accordingly.

The park has two sections, each offering unique amenities and attractions. The first section includes a children’s area, a food court, and several fountains. In contrast, its second part boasts Rashi Van, Guru Vatika Panchwati Kewli Van, and Subodh Gupta’s Cactus Smriti sculpture as attractions.

Eco Park features several display boards depicting various stages of Buddha’s life, making it an ideal location for spiritual seekers. Furthermore, its children’s park offers fun activities to keep your children busy for hours! Moreover, ticket prices are competitively priced while its facilities are immaculate – ideal conditions for meditation seekers or families visiting with young ones!

It is a relaxing place.

Eco Park Patna offers the ideal environment for relaxation and greenery appreciation. It is a beautiful place, offering many activities for people of all ages. Eco Park Patna provides the perfect place for you and your friends and family to unwind from city life by boasting plenty of open space with a big lake featuring boating activities.

This park boasts an expansive area brimming with various species of flowers and vegetation, including a children’s play area, pathways for running or cycling, food courts, and themed natural decorations – providing the ideal spot for yoga practice or meditation sessions in an urban environment.

Eco Park at Strand Road was initially developed to ease the pressure off Patna Zoo and has grown considerably. Now offering children’s play equipment, a food court, and even adventure activity areas – Eco Park is a much-loved family spot.

This eco-friendly park features a large lake surrounded by lush foliage. There is also a jogging track and recreational zone where guests can experience Aqua Zorbing. Couples enjoy romantic dates here, while families also find it an ideal spot for family day outings.

Patna’s central city park is an ever-popular spot for locals and visitors alike. This park attracts locals and tourists alike by offering a range of recreational activities such as swimming, kayaking, and hiking – as well as cultural events throughout the year. Open from 5 AM each morning; it provides early morning exercise enthusiasts with an ideal place to work up a sweat before work; additionally, there are clean restrooms and ample seating spaces.

It is a good place for kids.

Eco Park Patna offers over 3000 species of flora, an inviting lake where boating can take place, and plenty of adventure activities to make your visit truly enjoyable. Plus, it’s suitable for hanging out with friends or family – avoid visiting during holidays and weekends as they tend to get very crowded!

The Eco Park in Patna, Bihar, is an idyllic park ideal for strolling or jogging; couples often come to spend quality time together. Open to the public free of charge, this beautiful space offers restaurants and shops within its confines as well.

Eco Park Patna is a favorite spot for couples and families to visit for picnics or to visit nature. Formerly used as a garbage dump, it has now been converted into an idyllic natural park filled with lush vegetation and flowers – and visitors can participate in hiking or bike riding tours through its grounds.

Nitish Kumar, Bihar’s Chief Minister, officially inaugurated Rajdhani Vatika Eco Park in October 2011. Covering five hectares, this expansive Eco Park includes walking, jogging, and boating areas with over 3,000 different plant varieties – children’s corner, food court, and fountains in one section; theme parks such as Rashi Van, Guru Vatika Panchwati Kewli Van as well as sculptures such as Cactus by Subodh Gupta can all be found within.

The park is beautifully maintained, making it an excellent spot for family outings. There are benches and tables throughout the park for visitors to relax while enjoying its natural beauty, with an idyllic lake in the center that’s great for walking or boat rides – you could even rent bicycles and explore this incredible space on your own!

It is a good place for fitness lovers.

This park provides fitness enthusiasts with the perfect outdoor workout space. Jogging tracks and cycling paths have been carefully planned to promote healthy activities like jogging or cycling. At the same time, there is also an extensive children’s park, water boating rides, food courts, themed natural decorations, and themed flowerbeds to enjoy. Plus, it makes an excellent place for taking pictures or simply relaxing!

This park is an ideal location for couples seeking quality time together and for family picnics alike. Additionally, it provides many recreational activities, such as skating and adventure games; its jogging track provides scenic runs.

Rajdhani Vatika Park in Patna, Bihar spans 9.18 hectares at Strand Road. Opened by Nitish Kumar in October 2011, the project was developed under an initiative of the Department of Environment and Forest. Featuring two lakes, 1,445 meters of pathways, a children’s corner, and a 1,191-metre jogging track. Divided into two interconnected sections – but do not offer recreational facilities – for easy accessibility.

The park boasts two sections. The first contains a children’s corner and food court, while the second section holds various theme parks such as Rashi Van, Guru Van, Panchwati Van, and Kewli Van, as well as sculptures such as Cactus Smriti by Subodh Gupta. Furthermore, regular nature walks and guided tours are offered within these venues.

Eco Park Patna is one of the premier destinations in Bihar. Offering ample space and superior maintenance, this park makes an excellent destination for fitness enthusiasts of any age to work out at their own pace in an enjoyable atmosphere. Open from 5:00 a.m., free entry is granted for joggers, making it an ideal place for exercise and socialization! Explore it today – there’s something here for everyone!

This park provides families an ideal respite from city life, offering lush greenery and water slides amidst gorgeous riverbank surroundings. The staff at the park is exceptionally welcoming and makes every effort to ensure visitors enjoy an enjoyable visit.