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The Best Places to Visit in Italy

Italy inspires like few other places on Earth with its remarkable art, ancient temples, and idyllic beaches. Find the best places to propose in Italy.

Florence charms visitors with its historic avenues that lead to picturesque piazzas, large and small. It was at the forefront of Renaissance culture, boasting museums containing masterpieces by Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo, among others.

Tuscany boasts more than just picturesque villages, such as the UNESCO-designated hilltop San Gimignano with its world-famous leaning tower. Additionally, vineyards slope gently across its hillsides, and luxury resorts are located nearby.

1. Florence

Florence is one of Italy’s premier destinations, known for its rich mix of frescoed chapels, cobblestoned piazzas, and both natural and manmade marvels that comprise its beauty. Additionally, Florence serves as a cultural epicenter, producing some of the world’s greatest artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, Machiavelli, and Michelangelo – among many others.

Florence offers many stunning landmarks to see while traveling through, but two must-sees for visitors are Cappelle Medicee (Marble Chapel for the Medici family), built out of marble from the 16th century, and Campanile (Bell Tower) at Duomo are two must-visits; taking up all 414 stairs will afford stunning views of its red rooftops!

Make the Ponte Vecchio an Instagram-worthy experience early in the morning for an Instagram-worthy experience – one of Italy’s most famous bridges and one that was spared destruction during World War II by German troops, it now houses jewelry shops and goldsmiths and should not be missed when visiting Florence!

Palazzo Vecchio, Florence’s Town Hall, and its iconic architectural work should also not be missed. Situated on Piazza della Signoria, where many civic and political events took place, this medieval structure stands as one of the finest examples of Renaissance architecture – making it a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you love art, the Uffizi Museum in Florence should be on your itinerary. With an impressive collection of Renaissance artworks dating back 500 years or more, arriving early to avoid crowds and appreciate each masterpiece is vital for an optimal viewing experience.

2. Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is an idyllic seaside village situated along its picturesque cliffsides. From humble fishing villages, Cinque Terre has grown into a national park and UNESCO World Heritage Site that draws over 3 million visitors every year to walk, boat, or train their way around its breathtaking scenery—which often looks like real-life paintings!

Hikers love this area, with the popular Sentiero Azzurro trail linking all three towns and offering breathtaking sea views. But even those looking for more relaxing activities are welcome; each village has its charms, whether it be charming Manarola with cottages clinging precariously up cliffsides or lively Vernazza with cafes and restaurants overlooking the harbor and cobbled streets.

Spring and autumn are ideal times to visit Cinque Terre, when temperatures are pleasant without becoming overheated, crowds are minimal, and crowd control can be managed efficiently. Summers tend to get busy along the coast, while villages become overrun with daytrippers in villages such as Vernazza. Winter also poses challenges as many villages close up due to winter storm damage repairs, while cliffside walking paths might need repairs for repairs on their paths.

Amalfi Coast’s captivating beauty has long seduced and inspired generations of artists, writers, actors, and designers – including Tennessee Williams, DH Lawrence, Elizabeth Taylor, and Virginia Woolf – as it basks under an idyllic sunlit sky with rolling hills of buttery hills, fragrant cypress trees and pastel-hued villages that line its shores. Amalfi has drawn millions upon millions of visitors since road and railway transport were introduced there – and this phenomenon continues today!

3. Rome

Rome, Italy’s showpiece capital, offers an enthralling combination of haunting ruins and fantastic art. Rome also serves as an epicenter of religion—St Peter’s Basilica is just one of many stunning structures here—while art fans will enjoy visiting its museums, which feature works from acclaimed artists like Raphael Michelangelo da Vinci Botticelli, among many others.

There’s plenty to see and experience, yet it can be daunting – don’t rush your visit, and try arriving either early or late in the day to avoid crowds. One of our favorite activities in Rome is strolling along Campo dei Fiori at night; its bustling market of produce, flowers, and more during the day becomes a lively bar scene once night falls.

Milan may get a bad rap, but we think it deserves a visit for those with an eye for finer things. Milan boasts top restaurants from all across Italy (and beyond), an energetic cocktail scene, and its world-renowned modern art museum, Fondazione Prada. Here you can see works by artists like Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst – perfect if you like what you’ve read here!

Ischia in Campania is ideal for a relaxing island escape. It is known for its thermal springs and tranquil sandy beaches. Elena Ferrante set her My Brilliant Friend novels and TV series here, making Ischia the ideal location to unwind in beautiful surroundings while sipping warm water on a lovely piazza or lounging under palm trees—not forgetting exploring its many lava caves!

4. Tuscany

Tuscany, the birthplace of Renaissance art and culture, is one of Italy’s most romanticized regions. Cypress-lined roads lead to charming hilltop towns such as San Gimignano or Pisa; here, you will find medieval splendor that fills art history textbooks, while its cuisine can rival its beautiful surroundings.

Rome, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that’s both ancient and modern, stands as an incredible living museum that never ceases to surprise. From Pompeii’s stunning ruins to the Vatican’s beautiful buildings, there’s always something new and interesting to explore in Rome; every corner has something of its own to reveal.

Amalfi Coast, beloved of Tennessee Williams, DH Lawrence, Elizabeth Taylor and Jackie Kennedy is one of the world’s premier travel destinations, known for its spectacular cliffs, islands and coves that rival what you see on film. While many visitors travel by car here, ferries or guided tours may provide an equally breathtaking experience of its scenic wonders without sharing its roads with masses of tourists.

Sicily offers the ideal experience of authentic Italian culture. Visitors can hike to Mount Etna for breathtaking views, visit a winery to taste local varietals such as Marsala and Grillo wines, and finish their meal off with Santucci, an irresistibly crispy twice-baked biscuit that pairs beautifully with wine—providing a genuine taste of la dolce vita!

5. Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast offers all of the elements that have made Italy such an unforgettable travel destination: turquoise waters and pastel-hued towns perched atop cliffs overlooking gorgeous beaches. Additionally, Pompeii—which was submerged by a volcanic eruption in 79 AD and remains submerged today—adds history, while Naples Bay of Naples and Capri Island are nearby, too.

Positano, which gives its name to the coast, is renowned for its maze of narrow streets and flights of stairs tucked into an ancient hillside. Its ninth-century Duomo di Amalfi stands out for its unique blend of Arab-Norman, Romanesque, and Byzantine designs.

This UNESCO World Heritage site is an ideal way to experience the breathtaking Italian coastline without all of the crowds found elsewhere, like Venice or Cinque Terre. Although a bit pricey, you will get great views, seaside restaurants, and an authentic fishing village atmosphere here.

Popular stops for vacationers include Sorrento and Ravello – two stunning villages offering ample piazzas and beaches – while hiking along their coastal paths is another enjoyable activity; both offer fantastic views over the Mediterranean. Furthermore, on an unforgettable day trip, you could hike to Pompeii ruins via a hiking route or drive up Mount Vesuvius to witness it explode into view from a distance!

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