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How to Book an Eco Park Ticket

Eco Park is an idyllic destination to spend quality time with friends and family at an affordable rate, featuring boating, cycling, zorbing, and bird-watching activities.

On Mondays, the park is closed. To visit, a ticket must be purchased and can be obtained online before arrival; new paper tickets contain QR codes that become invalid after use to prevent reuse.

How to book a ticket?

Do you prefer to book eco park tickets early? Doing so will save time and ensure you secure a seat during the time slot that suits you best. Visit the park website and click “Online Booking,” select your visit date, attractions desired, and payment method before finalizing it all – after your payment has been approved, you’ll receive an e-ticket, which can either be printed out or shown on your mobile phone to enter the park.

EcoPark, situated in New Town, is one of the largest urban parks in India and home to various facilities, such as its Kite Festival and Water Park with wave pool, mini zoo, and other fun activities such as wave pool diving. There are also plenty of dining and shopping opportunities within its walls and accessibility via bus routes from several MTR stations.

EcoPark Kolkata ticket price 2022 offers something for all types of visitors – families looking for fun activities together or individuals looking for peace can find what they need here. There’s plenty to keep them entertained, from children’s parks to tea gardens, sculpture gardens, rose gardens, and wildflower meadows.

EcoPark features the Hiranalya Mini Zoo, which houses an assortment of animals. Established in 2016, this unique mini zoo features barking deer, hippos, zebras, and giraffes – soon all to be welcomed as new additions!

Since entry fees to Xel-Ha are not included in Cancun tourist passes, tickets must be purchased separately before visiting. Tickets may be bought on the Xel-Ha website or by calling their company. Booking your tickets early can save both time and money as prices will rise closer to the park’s opening day; purchasing them online also helps avoid long lines at the park itself.

What to do in the park?

Are You Seeking an Escape From City Life or Exploring its Flora and Fauna? Eco Park Kolkata is an ideal urban park to do both. Not only will visitors find entertainment here, but this park aims to educate people on nature while being one of India’s largest urban parks, covering an area of approximately 480 Acres.

You can enjoy attractions here, including Seven Wonders Park, Biswa Bangla Haat, and a mini zoo. In addition to these attractions, the park also provides many other exciting activities you can partake in, and its gardens – full of beauty – are popular places for strolls – Rose gardens, Chinese Bonsai gardens, Butterfly formal gardens, and Bamboo gardens can be found within its borders.

Apart from these facilities, the park also houses a Children’s park that provides fun for the little ones and is educational. Here, they can play games, ride toys, and engage in other activities to keep themselves occupied for hours.

Thanks to its expansive waterbody, you can participate in boating activities at this park. Solo or group boat trips are available; trip costs vary between Rs 50 and 300 per person.

Additionally, this park is an excellent spot for photography enthusiasts as there are numerous scenic vantage points where stunning photographs can be captured of nature-filled surroundings. Additionally, visitors can attend yoga and meditation sessions each morning and cultural performances in its open-air amphitheater.

If you plan to visit this park, booking tickets in advance online is advisable as tickets tend to sell out due to its popularity. The park is open Tuesday-Saturday between 2:30 PM and 8:30 PM, with Monday closed off entirely for visitors. Be sure to bring an umbrella, sunblock, and hat for added protection while visiting this place, and avail of pre-paid taxi or cab services from airports or railway stations to reach its entrance.

What to see in the park?

Eco Park Kolkata draws visitors across India with its lush green spaces and exciting attractions, drawing crowds to this popular tourist spot. Water sports, botanical gardens, zoo, and performances also make Eco Park Kolkata an exciting and educational place to discover – making it the ideal way to spend a day out together as a family!

The park is divided into three primary sections: theme parks and open spaces, urban recreational areas, and ecological zones such as wetlands and grasslands. It contains various gardens and trees, including Rose Gardens, Cactus Gardens, Bamboo Gardens, Formal Gardens, and floating musical fountains and lakes, offering rowing, kayaking, or paddle boating activities.

At the city’s core lies Eco Park – an oasis of greenery offering relaxing and rejuvenating activities to tourists and locals. Boating, cycling, toy train rides, and other outdoor pursuits can all be enjoyed here; shopping, dining, and playing game opportunities exist.

Eco Park features several exciting and unique attractions, such as a glass house providing panoramic views of the entire park, an island in the middle of a lake with seven acres, and an entire section dedicated to kids. Visitors can also go cruising on Lake Aerie or watch live performances of Bengali Baul music at its open-air amphitheater.

The Eco Park is easily accessible by road from various parts of the city, making travel simpler for visitors. Situated along the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass, travelers can access it by bus, taxi, or cab; its closest railway station is Sealdah. Visitors may also take the metro from Raja Bazaar to Dum Dum.

Where to stay in the park?

The park features numerous cottages and conference rooms on an island within its 200-acre jheel (lake). These can be booked for both corporate events as well as personal celebrations. Furthermore, this island features a glasshouse that provides stunning views over the entire park. The park offers several dining options, such as a restaurant and coffee shop. Golf cart rentals are also available to explore the park. It also boasts an aviary where visitors can spot various species in their natural environment for only Rs 10. Tickets cost Rs 10 each time you visit this unique sanctuary. The park boasts an archery range where visitors can shoot arrows at targets with an archery bow; one set of 10 hands costs Rs 50. Guests also enjoy various activities here, such as cycling and gaming; there is even zorbing, where participants roll downhill inside an inflatable ball and an aquatic park featuring inflatable boats for water park guests to ride around.

Apart from its activities, the park offers many other attractions that make it a top tourist destination. These include tea and rose gardens and an exciting seven-wonders attraction that draws huge crowds at nighttime when its lights and music come on. There is also a musical fountain that draws many when turned on, with lights and music playing simultaneously at night – both attractions make the park popular among residents and tourists.

Making your way to Kolkata’s Eco Park from Kolkata is simple. From either the airport, Salt Lake, or central Kolkata, you can take a bus directly to the New Town bus stop, where then a Chinar Park bus takes you directly to the Gate 2 exit of Eco Park Gate 2. Additionally, there are hotels located near this park.

Eco Park in Kolkata is an ideal family day trip, offering visitors plenty of relaxation and rejuvenation opportunities while giving children something fun to do. Furthermore, it makes a perfect visit for friends and colleagues – however, there’s so much going on that multiple visits may be necessary to fully appreciate it all!