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Why elopements and weddings at a different location might cost less?

Maybe you’ve dreamed of saying your vows in a beautiful place that doesn’t need a filter. Maybe you just want to find a way to keep the cost of your wedding down. It could be both. No matter what, a destination wedding or eloping might cost less than a traditional wedding.

And knowing how much a destination wedding or wedding elopement package really costs can help you decide if it’s right for you.

Destination weddings can cost less and be more affordable.

The popular wedding website The Knot says that the average cost of a wedding at a destination is about $32,000.

1 That’s a little less than the estimated total cost of weddings, which is $33,931.2 But the site says that prices can change based on where you get married, how many people you invite, and what you want to do for your big day.

When you compare prices, it’s also important to think about where you live. For instance, if you live in a big city where prices are higher, having your wedding in a place you’ve always wanted to go may end up saving you money. If prices are lower where you live, that might not be true.

Costs of a destination wedding

One reason why destination wedding costs might be easier to handle is because you might have fewer guests. Most of the time, only the couple’s closest friends and family come. Since there will be so few guests, you might decide to use some of your wedding money to pay for their travel and lodging.

Before you offer: Even though the number of guests is much smaller, you might end up paying more per person than you would for a typical wedding in a reception hall. Say you have to pay for 10 people. At $2,000 per person, that’s still $20,000.

As you do the math, keep in mind that you don’t have to pay for your guests’ costs, though you might want to. Usually, hotel guests pay for their own travel and stay. Think about this: For your wedding, people take time off work. Most of the time, they know that they’ll have to pay more than they would for a wedding in your hometown. Wedding planners advise couples to be clear and honest about costs from the start. To avoid confusion, you might want to put information about how guests can get the best travel rates on your invitation or wedding website.

Destination weddings can also save money because they can be both the wedding and the honeymoon. The average cost of a honeymoon is about $5,000, so this can save you money. 

Organize a party for two: Use a package for elopements to save money.

People often think of a simple ceremony at city hall when they think of eloping. Instead of inviting family and friends along, just the two of you go on the trip. It’s like a traditional honeymoon, but it starts with a wedding!

How much does it cost to run away together?

It depends. Some eloping couples keep their weddings simple, while others go all out (think a tiered wedding cake, 3-hour photo shoot and fancy attire). You can do whatever you want. Costs vary, but eloping is usually less expensive. Think about it like this: A party for two people is likely to cost less than one for 200.

Save up for the party

Even though the costs of destination weddings and elopement packages might be small compared to the cost of a traditional wedding, you’ll probably still want to have a plan. Here are a few starting points:

  • Set a savings goal: 

Putting money aside each month in an online savings account can help keep you from spending the money you’re saving for your wedding or elopement. Some accounts have tools that can help you figure out how long you need to save and will even automate the process by transferring a certain amount from your checking account each month.

  • Get the most out of travel rewards: 

Do you plan to have a destination wedding, elope, or a traditional honeymoon? Consider getting a credit card that lets you earn travel rewards or miles that you can put toward your trip.

  • Get a group rate:

 If 10 or more people are going to the same place for a destination wedding, some airlines will give a group discount. Hotels often offer discounts if you book a block of rooms ahead of time. 4 When you plan these things together, you and your guests can save money.

  • Throw a party afterward: 

 Since these types of travel destination weddings usually have few or no guests, some couples celebrate with friends and family at a party afterward. If you decide to have a party, a low-key, casual event like a backyard barbecue or brunch can help keep costs down.

No matter where you get married, you may be able to afford a once-in-a-lifetime experience with a reasonable destination wedding or wedding elopement package.

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