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Arcona Develop Electric Boat

The history of sea voyaging is ancient humans. In the old days, the oceans increased humans’ urge to know. Therefore, they challenged the never-ending mass of water and sailed through it to discover what things were there at the other end of the ocean. As science developed, the ship makers utilized fossil fuels to make the ships sail. It has increased the speed of the boat on one end and the other end; it has increased the pollution in the water body. This is why Arcona has decided to make all their following yachts with the facility of electric propulsion so that the seawater doesn’t get polluted.

Arcona is famous as a boat-making company where they put something new in every boat. They also designed some boats before this, which contained electrical motors to run but were options. But this time, they have created a yacht that will utterly depend on electricity to run the propellers. The first such zero-emission motorboat was launched by Arcona in the year 2015.

Not only does an electric-operated propulsion unit, but the boat also contains solar panels so that they don’t have to use any pollution-making substance to generate electricity. After launching the first such yacht, Arcona has continued its research to develop such crafts and reduce costs. Since the cost of solar panels is decreasing continuously, they are also getting more enthusiastic about making such pollution-free yachts.

Until the cost of the solar panels comes down to that extent which will make the voyages cost-effective, they are using lithium-ion batteries to supply electricity to the propellers. It is helping them gain 20% more power at the end of every year to run a yacht of the same size and cost. Arcona 415 is one of the yachts which are very powerful from the perspective of its performance. The Arcona 415 is the upgraded version of the Arcona 410, designed ten years ago. The updates and modifications have made the yacht acceptable to the passengers. It has an open transom and expansive windows in every coach roof and hull of this yacht.

If you talk about the motor of the yacht, it is mighty. The ship contains a 15kW Oceanvolt unit. This motor gives a thrust of 50 horsepower diesel so the boat can run faster. In addition, the lithium-ion battery of 19kW is there to supply power to the propellers, which will help the yacht to sail faster. Besides that, it also contains a 90Ah AGM battery as a backup energy supply. This allows the ship to continue its run even if the battery is out of control. Therefore these updates have made the cruises more comfortable for the passengers and are first being trialled in Turkey. This will prevent the water from being polluted.

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