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Choosing the Right Radiator for Your Home

Whether you’re building or renovating, finding the correct radiator is an important decision that requires plenty of research. It’s a staple part of any home that will ensure you stay warm and cozy during the dark winter months. However, where do you start? It can feel overwhelming when you can choose from styles, colors, and specific radiators for every room.

Thinking about factors such as heat output, size, and heating system type are helpful first steps. Our guide below will help you choose the best radiator for your home. When selecting a radiator, consider the following:

The Heat Output 

The most important part. Ensuring your household appliances maximize energy efficiency is the best practical and environmental practice. Before choosing your style and color, you must first work out the British Thermal Unit energy requirement for each room. Calculating this is essential in any home renovation process because energy prices are rising, and everyone needs to consider their carbon footprint as issues such as climate change are taken more seriously.

Tim Pullen, an energy-efficiency expert, explains: “All radiators have a specified heat output, so once you know how much heat the room needs, you can choose the type, size, and style to suit your taste and the room.”

The Type of Radiator 

The next step is choosing the type of radiator. The three main types are central heating, electric, and dual fuel.

You might need different types depending on the room you’re heating. For example, a heated towel rail might be the best option for your bathroom because you can heat the room and dry your towels (and who doesn’t love a warm cozy towel after a shower or bath?). For bedrooms, hallways, and the living room, you might consider central heating radiators connected to your central heating system.

The Shape

There is so much to choose from regarding the shape of your new radiator, including vertical, horizontal, and even column radiators. Some people love the classic-style radiator, whereas others opt for something more daring to create a striking focal point in the room. Of course, the priority should always be practical, but now, you can have the best of both with hundreds of stylish options. If you’re not sure which shape is right for you, create a Pinterest board to find some inspiration from others, or pop into a shop that sells radiators and asks for some advice.

The Material 

Most houses have steel radiators because they’re reliable and compatible with central heating. In addition, they’re popular because they heat rooms quickly and retain the heat, which is ideal in the winter when you want your home to stay warm. However, steel isn’t your only option.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option, consider an aluminum radiator. These heat up quickly, but they also cool down quickly. In addition, they use small amounts of water, which will help bring your heating costs down and lower your carbon footprint. Even better, they’re often made from recycled materials, so overall, they’re an excellent option for the planet. On the other hand, for the vintage ‘Victorian’ look, you might opt for a cast-iron radiator. These have a beautiful vintage aesthetic but take a long time to heat up.

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