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Planta Cocina at Marina Del Rey

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Planta Group’s national and ever-expanding restaurant franchise can now be found at Marina del Rey Mall, bringing upscale plant-based dining to a new level. Planta’s Marina del Rey outlet’s mission is to reimagine familiar dishes using ingredients like jackfruit, hearts of palm, and mushrooms instead of meat, along with maki rolls, noodle dishes, and robata specialties. While their Toronto branch at Yonge and Temperance has closed, outposts exist in NYC, LA, Fort Lauderdale, Bethesda, MD, and Miami. The one in Marina Del Rey remains open and worth your visit; their menu is so large they probably require multiple visits before you can try everything available here!


Planta Cocina, a national chain with locations in New York, Toronto, and Florida that elevates Mexican cuisine with vegan-friendly Mexican cooking options, is a vegan-friendly Mexican spot with inventive vegetarian menu items like watermelons nigiri sushi rolls and hearts of palm “crab” tostadas; noodles; and robata dishes – unfortunately the original location in Toronto has closed, but its one in Marina Del Rey still welcomes customers today!

Our restaurant is family-friendly.


Planta Cocina is a vegan restaurant offering Latin-influenced cuisine in an elegantly designed space in Marina del Rey. They also provide vegetarian options. Seasonal menu changes make this restaurant worth frequent visits!

David Lee of Toronto owns and runs this restaurant that has earned critical acclaim for its innovative yet delicious plant-based Mexican fare, such as their famed jackfruit tacos, Oaxacan stone pizzas, and other culinary treats.

The company will expand to the West Coast with two new locations: Brentwood and Marina del Rey. At Brentwood’s site, customers will find cuisine inspired by various culinary traditions; at Marina del Rey’s venue, Latin-influenced fare will be provided in addition to robata dining experiences.