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Music is not all

Everyone should have a hobby. Something to do that helps you take a break from work. Even if you have a dream job. Many musicians take a break from writing and selling hits on royalty free music platforms, wanting to please fans with their other talents rather than the top spots on Billboard. We suggest getting to know our favourite artists from a different perspective.

Coffee with a Punk Rock Flavor

Billy Joe Armstrong was once asked what he would have been doing if he hadn’t started the band Green Day in 1986. He said he probably would have cleaned swimming pools. But after taking a break from writing the trilogy in 2013, he certainly didn’t take that part-time job. After all, punk rocker status doesn’t fit. But 100% organic and compostable coffee is another matter. So the Oakland trio founded a coffee company, which they dubbed – Oakland Coffee.

And such a product is not just unique; it’s the only one in the world! Also, the coffee shop of the same name refused to serve police officers during the BLM protests. So, rebels, what can I say?

This one and that one from Carter’s Tattoo.

Musician Frank Carter, a member of three bands, is known not only in rocker circles but also as a very cool artist. 90% of his body is covered with tattoos, not only because he’s a fan of drawings on the skin but also because he is a walking advertisement for his tattoo parlour.

Frank founded Brighton Tattoo Convention in 2007, and since then, the uncomplicated style of his work has won fans’ hearts. Of course, it’s great to get a tattoo from your idol.

Ed Sheeran likes not only ketchup but also beer.

This Irishman is known not only for his hits and red hair. The national treasure of Ireland is its famous pubs, so Ed decided not to forget his native culture during the tour and opened Bertie Blossoms – a pub with a vast selection of craft beer. It seems that the video for the song Galway Girl with bright Irish motifs should have been shot not in some random bar but on his own. Hurry up!

Deathcore Fashion.

Bring Me The Horizon lead singer Oliver Sykes has always been the most stylish kid on the block, changing his look like gloves. From his vast emo-boy hair and plaid shirts to his white suits and the yin-yang symbol on his top, his look changes along with his style of music. That’s probably why Oliver started his clothing brand, Drop Dead, in 2016.

Sykes designs the collections himself, and the street-casual pieces, inspired by the bleak European landscapes, appeal to Brings fans and those who like unusual street fashion.

Your poker face will shine with Gaga’s new highlighter.

After her Oscar-winning role in “A Star Is Born,” Stephanie Germanotta decided to step away from filmmaking and finally get into music. And in the meantime, to launch a new cosmetics brand, House Laboratories. After the resounding success of Fenty Beauty – Rihanna’s cosmetics, Miss Gaga also decided to jump on that train and, with her faithful team, launched the essential palettes, pencils, and lipsticks, accompanying the promotional campaign with glittering photo shoots.

Later, the proud owner of the meat dress announced wilder, freakier shades and products. They don’t call the fanbase “monsters” for nothing. By the way, the brand’s target audience is the fans because: “My God, a palette from Gaga? I’ll take it!”.

Even Paul McCartney is afraid of critics.

They say a talented person is talented in everything, and Sir Paul McCartney is probably the main proof of that. The legend of British music has always adored painting, and in the 80s, he started painting. However, he didn’t show them to anyone for 18 years because he was wary of the critics. “Revolver, then, was not afraid to release it, but the paintings… McCartney painted more than 500 works and even opened exhibitions during these years. One of them was in Kyiv in 2008 when the ex-Beatle came there with a concert.

By the way, both the concert and the exhibition created a furore, and the critics didn’t bite and accepted the paintings warmly. This a perfect example that you should not be afraid to show your creativity to people!

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