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Internshala Trainings Review

A significant advantage of Internshala Trainings is its structured approach. While most free resources tend to be confusing, the courses at Internshala are mapped out step by step. As a result, learners are hand-held in a critical phase of their training. This allows them to focus on what matters and overcome the usual pitfalls.

Courses are structured

The courses at Internshala are structured so that you can learn through hands-on exercises and real-world applications. Whether you’re taking up a technical course or a marketing course, you’ll work on a project from scratch. This project could be anything from a website, IoT device, or app to a digital marketing campaign. This ensures that you’re learning the practical aspects of the subject.

Courses at Internshala are also highly structured, which is an advantage when you’re working towards your degree. Unlike free resources, which can be overwhelming, courses at Internshala are carefully laid out and designed to guide you through every step. The structure of the training program is essential because the free resources can be confusing, and many students will give up halfway through because of the lack of clarity. In addition, the interactive, structured nature of Internshala training means that you’ll be counselled and hand-held during this critical career phase.

Internships provide students with invaluable skills that will help them gain confidence and develop valuable business skills. They also allow them to develop professional networks to help them in their future careers. For example, networking with industry professionals can help students get job references and testimonials and collaborate on business ideas.


Internshala has introduced a new learning policy for employees. This policy allows employees and their immediate families to take as much training as they want for free. As a result, they now have more than 50 different pieces of training to choose from. As a result, everyone has the opportunity to learn new skills.

Internshala has established a solid reputation among employers and college students alike. They have been featured in Forbes, Business Standard, Yourstory, and other publications. They have also won several awards, including the NASSCOM 10K Startup Awards and Blume Ventures. In addition, the company was recently named a finalist in the People Matters TechHR Spotlight Awards, a global competition to identify the brightest young minds and entrepreneurs in the tech space.

Internshala has grown from a humble blog to a website generating about Rs3 crore in revenue yearly. The All India Council for Technical Education and the Human Resource Development Ministry have partnered with Internshala to launch an online internship fair from March 20 to 31.


Internshala has announced that students in Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh, and Kerala can now access its e-learning platform, Internshala Trainings, without paying a single rupee. This e-learning platform offers short online training courses for free.

Internshala Trainings emphasize the importance of learning by doing and involve practical exercises. Therefore, students must develop something from scratch, whether it is an app, website, IoT device, or digital marketing campaign. This ensures that students learn the practical aspects of their subject. The cost of Internshala Training is usually between Rs 1,300 and Rs 1,500.

Internshala provides several online training programs in different disciplines. These online courses can be completed from the comfort of home and help students gain the necessary skills and practical exposure needed in today’s industry.