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How to Style Hair Extensions to Look Nice and Natural

If you want to switch up your look quickly and cost-effectively, why not consider extensions? Extensions are a great addition to your beauty arsenal and they can make your hair look fuller, longer, and healthier. Plus, you can experiment with all sorts of different hairstyles and hair colors (extensions come in different colors, lengths, and textures). However, if you don’t have any prior experience with hair extensions, you might struggle to get them to look natural. Here are a few tips that will help you create a seamless extension look:

Tease the roots

One of the most common reasons why people reach for extensions is to make their hair look fuller. And ironically, thin hair often can’t hold wefts. How to get around this problem? Use this commonly applied trick to prepare your hair for extensions—teasing the roots. To tease your hair roots, just grab a comb and brush upwards instead of downwards. Before you try to fasten the extensions, you can also use a bit of dry shampoo for extra texture. With teased roots and dry shampoo, your thin hair should have enough hold to keep extensions in place all day long.

Braid your hair

Those who use extensions to add some volume to their hair don’t have to worry about this tip, but people who want to add length should braid their hair before putting in extensions. Why? Well, short hair can easily push out from the extension and ruin your desired style (and make it very obvious you have extensions). To put a stop to this, put your short hair into braids.

Start at your neck by taking the bottom layer of hair, braiding it, and wrapping the braid around itself to put it flat against the head. Make sure to stock up on bobby pins to hold everything in place. To start attaching extensions, start right above the spot where your natural hair is pinned. After you put in all the extensions, let your hair down and enjoy natural-looking results without having to see a professional.

Stack extensions

Do you have a small head that can’t support all the extensions you have? Don’t worry because you can always stack them for that natural look. If you choose quality hair extensions, they should be able to stack for extra volume without taking up all the space on your head. Putting a maximum of two extensions together will also make the application process fast and easy. However, just make sure not to stack more than two extensions because it won’t look very natural.

choose quality hair extensions

Don’t blow-dry your extensions

You should never use a hairdryer on your extensions. Extensive heat not only damages your natural hair, but also “cooks” extensions. If you want to help the air-drying process, use a hairdryer but turn off the heat.

Tie your hair before bed

It’s hard to avoid your natural hair and your extensions getting tangled when you sleep. Brushing your hair in the morning can cause some hair loss, which is why it’s best to remove extensions before going to sleep. If that’s not possible or if it’s too much work (it can be quite complicated to execute when you’re sleepy) just plait your hair. This will protect the hair and allow you to wake up with soft curls in the morning.

Take good care of your extensions

Hair extensions are an investment that needs maintenance if you want to keep them shiny and healthy. If you don’t give them attention, they will get an unpleasant odor and start looking dull. Wash them regularly just like your natural hair, but keep in mind that extensions are sensitive to styling products. Opt for a very gentle shampoo and conditioner and stay away from the blow-dryer. Too much product and heat will make your extensions look damaged.

Investing in extensions is definitely worth it because you’ll get so much freedom to experiment with styles. You’ll get your confidence back and you’ll be ready for any photo opportunity that might come your way without anyone even considering your hair is anything but natural.

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