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How to Collect Dab Reclaim

MCR Labs conducted a study showing that dab reclaim contains significant quantities of THC, CBD, CBN, and other cannabinoids in its composition and has undergone decarboxylation – meaning it’s ready for consumption! Learn the best info about dab reclaim.

Reclaim can be collected in many different ways, the easiest of which is using a drop-down attachment or reclaim catcher on your dab rig. Alternatively, wax paper can be placed under your dab rig while a blow torch is used to heat it and loosen any remaining reclaim for collection.

How to collect reclaim

Reclaim catchers provide the easiest solution for gathering your reclaim. They attach directly to your rig and capture all of the debris as it drips out, making cleanup effortless. Reclaim catchers are relatively affordable and available from most dab stores.

If you don’t own or prefer not to use a reclaim catcher, there are still multiple methods of collecting your reclaim. One such method involves mixing alcohol into your reclaim and allowing it to evaporate; you can either purchase isopropyl or grain alcohol (like Everclear) for this step. Take precautionary steps when handling alcohol!

An alternative method of heating up and drying out reclaim is to heat it while simultaneously extracting its moisture content, thus making it more easily collected. You could also place your reclaim in a double boiler and let its heat evaporate it, creating tabbable reclaim.

Cannabis consumers generally avoid decarboxylated cannabis reclaim because its aroma and flavor fall far short of that found in the original concentrate or flower. Some find reclaim appealing as an affordable alternative to buying fresh extracts; eating it may not be as pleasant, but mixing it into food or adding it to joints may still create delicious treats!

How to remove reclaim

Most cannabis enthusiasts seek to maximize the value of their concentrate products, mainly concentrates. There are ways you can stretch your dollar further while still enjoying top-tier dabs. One such strategy is collecting “reclaim,” the leftover substance found in dab rigs that build up over time—an easy and cost-saving strategy that saves money by not purchasing additional dab cartridges.

How you use the reclaim you collect is up to you, but you must understand its constituent components: decarboxylation has occurred, and cannabinoids exist within their current form. Use it for edibles, tinctures, and topicals, or infuse it into butter or chocolate as an additive food source.

To remove reclaim from your rig, you will first need to clean it thoroughly. A rag may do just fine for wiping down, but for maximum effect, use acetone, isopropyl alcohol, or grain alcohol, as these will dissolve the reclaim solution and allow you to extract it from your rig safely.

Once your rig has been thoroughly cleaned, it’s time to collect its reclaim. A reclaim catcher or simply inverting its drop-down attachment over parchment paper or wax paper will liquefy its reclaim for accessible collection.

How to purge reclaim

Reclaim is the sticky cousin of dab concentrates that gathers on the walls and bases of your rig after every use. It consists primarily of old vapor and ash produced while burning concentrate, but it lacks as many terpenes as its source, likely leading to harsh taste characteristics and lower potency levels.

To enjoy an effortless dabbing experience, you must remove reclaim from your rig. There are various methods for doing this, the easiest of which is draining out all your water and collecting the reclaim using a paper towel or fine sieve—although this method may not be as efficient.

Another way of eliminating reclaim is to pour a solvent such as isopropyl alcohol into your rig and heat it, such as grain alcohol or even just plain old water. Once the solvent evaporates, take out and dispose of any unwanted material as desired.

Use a drop-down on your dab rig to collect and liquefy reclaim, making your dab experience cleaner while making it easier to get high. This method is especially great for beginners, as reclaim can sometimes be overwhelming at first; additionally, using this drop-down will save you from cleaning after every session!

How to smoke reclaim

Dabbing reclaim is not advised as its taste will likely be bitter, and its potency decreased due to the heating process that destroyed cannabinoid content. However, some individuals do choose to collect reclaim and either consume it directly, incorporate it into food items, or use it as an alternative concentrate source.

Reclaim collection can be accomplished using various means, but the easiest and cheapest is purchasing a reclaim catcher, which attaches directly to your dab rig’s end piece. These attachments can be found from various dab gear manufacturers and can be easily obtained. Alternatively, using a blowtorch and wax paper, it may be possible to collect reclaim. To do this, heat gunk inside of your dab rig banger and dropdown attachment until it liquefies; then, slowly pour this liquid onto wax paper before cooling it completely.

Once your reclaim has cooled down, you can collect and store it in wax or silicone containers. If you prefer traditional dab rigs for consuming your reclaim, be mindful not to overheat it or risk burning all its potency; to do this safely, use lower temperature settings and only touch it once with your dab tool tooltip.

Reclaim may be simple to collect and store, but its flavor may be less pleasing when consumed than fresh wax from its source. Reclaim has a highly harsh taste compared to freshly extracted concentrate and half the potency retained from its originator. Still, smoking reclaim can make an acceptable alternative when times get tough or budgets tighten up—so give it a try today if cost or time constraints force you to!