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Terp Slurper Set From Pakoh Glass

Pakoh Glass brings your dabbing experience to a whole new level with this stunning marble terp slurper set! Featuring a valve pillar and pearl that spin effortlessly, this set from Pakoh enhances terpene flavor while increasing efficiency during dabs. Here’s some Interesting Information about the terp slurper.

Apply a generous dose of your preferred concentrate to the middle section, which features airflow slits for smooth inhaling. Indulge your favorite treats by inhaling!

Product Description

A terp slurper set combines a quartz banger, marble set, and terp pills/pearls into an efficient dabbing experience. Marbles are specifically designed to maximize surface area while helping it vaporize more rapidly and completely; additionally, this combination helps improve taste profile by eliminating any burning or combustion that would detract from the flavor of concentrates.

The Terp Slurper Quartz Bangger is designed with a lower stem and tray built-in, providing a more convenient dabbing experience. Featuring a wide bottom dish connected to a narrower middle section through air slits moving freely up both sides, its unique design allows users to slurp oil upward with every inhale effortlessly, hence its name, “Slurp Banger.”

When used correctly, the terp slurper is one of the top-performing bucket nails available. To use it properly, it’s advised that you add your terp pearls or pills into the banger before heating it (no top cap yet), where they will spin around evenly to distribute heat across your dish and help concentrates vaporize quickly and efficiently. A digital thermometer should also be used to ensure you heat it to an ideal temperature – too hot could result in your dab being burned, while too low may mean not enough heat.

Product Features

An ideal terp slurper will feature a sturdy base made from either glass or quartz and equipped with standard welds to reduce the risk of clogs while simultaneously modulating airflow dynamically. Furthermore, it should feature dichroic carb caps and 14mm valves to protect marbles from taking in too much heat, which could otherwise accelerate their degradation faster.

Comparable to traditional banger nails, the Terp Slurper features an innovative design that allows you to extract more vapor from your concentrates than with traditional banger nails. It includes a lower stem and tray built into its bucket where wax or shatter can be loaded, and vortex technology is used for natural airflow vaporization of wax or shatter. Furthermore, heat retention also extends life, thereby intensifying terpene flavors as you inhale upward with each inhalation of oil upward.

To use a terp slurper, heat it to your desired temperature and drop in your concentrate. Next, secure it with the marble cap before inhaling your dose. Alternatively, try substituting the pill/pearl setup with the capsule/pillar setup.

Product Options

The Terp Slurper Set is an ideal dabbing solution, enabling you to take large dabs effortlessly while efficiently vaporizing your concentrate. Inserts can customize these versatile devices to customize your experience – an invaluable addition to any dab rig! With many Terp Pill and Marble sets to choose from, there’s sure to be one suitable for all of your dabbing needs!

This unique slurper design ensures incredible terpene flavor with every hit, using vortex technology to disperse heat and concentrate more evenly. Equipped with a lower stem and tray built into its bucket, this quartz banger works best when loaded with concentrates at the bottom, where they’ll be enveloped by swirling air currents, creating natural spirals of vapor.

This terp slurper banger is constructed from thick and high-quality quartz material and boasts a no-weld carb cap with 14mm threading to accommodate most rigs. Use either standard pill setups or ruby pill configurations to experience its unique slurper shape at its full potential!

This terp slurper banger features a hybrid terp bead and marble-style carp cap. The bead in its tube opening seals in concentrates and one or more marbles are added to it to retain heat and vaporize more evenly.

Product Warranty

The multi-colored swirls of this terp marble set add a splash of color and functionality to your dab station, meeting dabbers’ demands for functional yet decorative accessories. The large marble serves as a carb cap to block airflow from above, while its small counterpart acts as a one-way air path vent to maintain hot air within your tube once your draw has taken place. Meanwhile, its pill spins around to agitate concentrates via airflow while simultaneously regulating temperature for a flavorful and aromatic experience each time!

This terp slurper-style quartz banger features a frosted joint, regular weld on its bowl, and beveled edges on its flat top for optimal sealing with marble surfaces. Plus, it comes equipped with an easily removable terp pearl, valve cap, and dish to facilitate cleaning and maintenance!

With your quartz banger’s easy disassembly process, terp pearl, valve cap, and dish can all be cleaned quickly and thoroughly before being reassembled for use again. Use isopropyl alcohol or another professional cleaner regularly to maintain optimal performance and performance levels.

The Slurper Banger takes its name from how it draws hot wax through small slots in its bottom dish and up into its center tube. This creates a practical vaping experience without burning the wax, as its lower temperatures lead to less vaporizing than with other types of bucket nails. A digital thermometer should be used to monitor wax temperature to avoid exceeding 525-600 degrees.