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Does wax Liquidizer have terpenes?


Both the terpenes and the wax liquidizer are two different things and shouldn’t be confused with one and the other. There is a rich difference in both in terms of their chemical composition but both are used for preparing vape juice.

If you do vape occasionally then you already know the cost associated with replacing the oils as these don’t come cheap and would be gone in several smoky puffs into the wind before you know it. Vaping is a hobby that doesn’t come off cheap because of the excessive use of vape oil and flavors but what if someone was to tell you that you can mint your own vape oil at home with just a few ingredients? It would be truly remarkable, now wouldn’t it?


Concept of concentrate dilution

The idea behind this concept is that you get your hands on vape concentrate, which is a solid substance that needs to be diluted with the help of a diluter such as the likes of wax liquidizer or terpenes. Both the wax liquidizer and terpenes liquidizer are used to dilute the concentrate and bring it into the liquid form which is your vape oil and it can then be used to fill up your vape devices. It is as good as store-bought vape juice and only costs 1/10th or even less if done right.

Wax liquidizers and Terpenes—the ultimate connection

Wax Liquidizer is an industrial-based agent that is used in the manufacturing of multiple products pertaining to the cosmetic industry and food materials and it serves as a stabilizer and keeps multiple ingredients from separating. This specific quality of wax liquidizer comes from propylene glycol which is the building material for wax liquidizers. It is important to note that the wax liquidizer doesn’t contain any mineral oil, Vitamin E, and neither any vegetable glycerin as well.

As for the terpenes, these are not at all associated with wax liquidizer in terms of composition as it contains vegetable glycerin as the main element as compared to the propylene glycol such as in the case of wax liquidizer. But when it comes to action both wax liquidizer and terpenes have something in common as both can be used for the sake of developing the vape juice directly from the concentrate available at the moment.

terpenes liquidizer

Associated concentrations with both

Wax liquidizer needs to be used in double concentration as compared to the concentrate that is being used to develop the vape juice. For example, for a 1g concentrate, you have to use 2ml of wax liquidizer so it can completely dissolve the concentrate and proper heat needs to be provided. The most subtle way of doing so is to add both concentrate and wax liquidizer into a shot glass and keep it within the microwave for about ten seconds, after that the concentrate would dissolve providing you with clear vape juice that you can later use for vaping purposes.

Terpenes on the other hand are more bitter and instant in action so it is advised to use minute concentration with the concentrate for the sake of developing the vape juice. According to a careful estimation, it is alright to go with two drops of terpenes for 1g of concentrates such as cannabis or some other element.

Final thoughts

The very reason why terpenes are used in such small quantities as compared to wax liquidizers is that the aftertaste would come out to be extremely bitter if used in elevated amounts. To be fair Terpenes are a little costly as compared to the wax liquidizer and most professionals out there are better acquainted with wax liquidizers because of the fact that these result in clear mixtures as compared to the cloudy retention when terpenes are used.

On the whole, this endeavor of developing your own vape juice is worth it if you don’t want to spend an intense amount of money on buying store-bought produce.

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