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Homeowners insurance policy and model of home.

Does My Home Insurance Cover Plumbing?

Does My Home Insurance Cover Plumbing?

Becoming a homeowner is one of the biggest milestones of a person’s life. It remains the ultimate goal for many Americans.

However, being a homeowner also means taking on a great deal of risk and responsibility.

Many people take out home insurance to help cover these potential risks. However, not all worrying situations will be covered under these types of insurance policies. It’s important to understand what is and isn’t so you can be prepared for all potential problems.

Is plumbing covered by home insurance? For example, is a leaking toilet covered by insurance, or will you have to handle this kind of issue all on your own? Read on, and we’ll walk you through what you need to know.

Does Home Warranty Cover Plumbing?

Out of nowhere, something unexpected happens in your home: your toilet starts leaking, or a pipe bursts. All of a sudden, you’re left thinking – does homeowners insurance cover broken sewer pipes?

The answer, unfortunately, isn’t so black and white. It will all depend on what homeowner’s insurance you have and the agreements you made when it comes to your coverage.

Most homeowners’ insurance policies do cover plumbing-related issues. If your pipes broke due to a cold spell, the damage done and the repairs needed would likely be covered by the insurance company.

However, most insurance companies have many exclusions in place regarding this type of coverage. You’ll need to read your policy quite closely to ensure that the incident in question will actually be covered.

Not all plumbing issues will, and it often will depend on the events surrounding the issue.

Possible Plumbing Insurance Exclusions

While many plumbing issues will be covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy, others will not.

While you’ll need to check your own policy to see what’s true and what isn’t, we can walk you through a few common exceptions and exclusions.

Broken sewer pipe issues, for example, are often not covered by these policies. If there is an issue with the mainline under the street that has caused damage to your home, you might need to look elsewhere for compensation.

If it can be proven that the plumbing issue was due to negligence on your part as a homeowner, the insurance company also might not cover the related damages.

Pipes that were left in bad conditions and not cared for will not be covered if they eventually break. Only incidents where the homeowner shared no part of the fault will be covered.

Is Plumbing Covered by Home Insurance?

If you’ve experienced some sort of plumbing issue in your home, you might be curious if this issue can be covered by your existing home insurance policy.

Is plumbing covered by home insurance? Not always. The above information can help you understand the distinction between cases where it does and does not.

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