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Atomic Structure Worksheet and Element Diagram Activity

The tiniest units of matter, atoms, make up all living and non-living things, so it’s an important concept for students to grasp. Help them learn the three primary parts of an atom with this atomic structure worksheet, then get them practicing their drawing skills with this Element Diagram Activity. They can use their knowledge of nuclear structures to identify each element’s unique number of protons and how it is represented on the Periodic Table.

For further study, they can complete this atomic structure quiz, which asks them to work out an element’s total number of neutrons and electrons by looking at its nuclear number on the Periodic Table. It also includes questions relating to radioactive substances, the half-life of an unstable nucleus, and how atomic reactions can create new elements.

To really cement their understanding of the atom, students could try this full-page worksheet in which they shade in each of the subatomic particles found in two atoms – nitrogen on page one and a mystery atom on page 2. They are then asked to count these protons and add them together to find the element’s atomic number. They are then asked to identify the Lewis symbol, orbital diagram, and valence electrons for the mystery atom.

To finish, they can then answer some questions based on balancing chemical equations, naming elements, compounds, and mixtures, and predicting the products of nuclear reactions. All of the questions are scenario-based and written using simple terms so they can understand what is being asked of them.