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Bride Survival Kit – The Essentials For Your Big Day

On the day of her wedding, brides must carry essentials like bobby pins and hair ties – these items can make all the difference for an enjoyable ceremony! survival kits

Other helpful items in your kit should include blotting paper (to absorb shine or oil), clear nail polish (for chipped nails), fabric tape (which holds hemlines in place when safety pins can’t), as well as some packs of granola bars – plus, you could always throw in a couple of granola bars!

1. Band-Aids

Brides’ days can often involve some wardrobe malfunction; keeping some Band-Aids on hand is an easy way to help keep everyone looking their best and looking fresh and blemish-free.

Add pain relievers like ibuprofen for sudden headaches. Packs of tampons and pads might come in handy, too, especially if the women wear dresses with straps that could get caught or tear easily.

Pack travel-size or sample products to keep the weight down when packing an emergency kit, such as stain remover pens and straws to avoid lipstick marks; bug spray; a small sewing kit to assist if someone gets their dress stuck somewhere or tears the hem; fashion tape can keep strapless bridesmaid gowns secure, while safety pins can come in handy in case the zipper breaks!

2. Tide-To-Go

An unexpected wardrobe emergency on your wedding day can be complex to avoid, but you can take steps to decrease its chances. Prep for anything with items like stain remover pens, backup earrings (in case something spills), and lint rollers in a small kit – such as these three–to protect yourself.

Some brides find it beneficial to include extra items for the wedding party, like tampons and pads, dry shampoo, and more, into their wedding party kits. You might consider purchasing kits tailored explicitly to ladies that contain these necessities – these will certainly come in handy on your big day and could make an excellent present for the maid of honor or placed in bathroom toiletry baskets so guests can use them easily during their stay! A men’s version of such kits would also make an excellent addition!

3. Pain Relievers

No matter how well the day of a wedding may run, Murphy’s law still holds: something could always go wrong on the wedding day. From dress mishaps and headaches to missing buttons or forgotten flowers, having some bride survival items ready can help address minor problems before they escalate further.

Band-Aids are an essential element of any bride’s emergency kit. While getting ready, accidents happen, and having access to first aid supplies makes any situation seem manageable. Our favorite Shemergency Kit from Etsy includes 18 bandages, antiseptic wipes, and antibiotic ointment, all packed into an adorable tin!

Include pain relievers in your bride’s survival kit to provide quick relief on the wedding day if a headache or backache arises, ensuring she can continue celebrating in style!

4. Blotting Paper

Assist your bridal party members with stain removal and food spills by packing plenty of blotting paper in their bags – it will absorb shine and oil and keep your photos photo-ready throughout the day!

Q-tips can come in handy during wedding preparation, from applying lipstick evenly across your lips to cleaning off cake bits from your teeth and applying blush. In fact, they make an excellent alternative to cotton balls when applying blush!

An essential item for every bride’s survival kit should include makeup wipes for quick touch-ups on the go. Stocking up on a few samples means no worries over smudged mascara or eyeliner smudges; plus, they’re great at quickly taking away excess lipstick when necessary! A stain remover pen may come in handy, too, if any emergency arises concerning dress stain removal, necklace issues, or broken nails!

5. Moist Towelettes

Even the best-planned weddings can run into unexpected complications, so be prepared with all of the essentials by stocking a bride survival kit with all essential items and being ready for whatever the future throws your way.

Baby wipes are an indispensable staple in any emergency kit, from food stains and hand wipes to makeup removers, and they are even used to clean off muddy shoes from an outing in the woods or remove lint from clothing.

Deodorant should always be on hand during a wedding event, especially given the stresses associated with its planning. Stress and bright lights may cause sweating; make sure you have enough deodorant on hand to get through the day without sweating profusely!

An emergency wedding survival kit should include extra earring backs; losing one on your big day would be an absolute disaster! Additionally, consider including tweezers for hairs and splinters, as well as mints or mouthwash to help prevent stinky breath.

6. Sewing Kit

No bride should underestimate the stress associated with wedding day preparations. From blotting oil slicks and touching up mascara smudges to having photo-ready moments for every moment of their special day. Proper planning ensures brides’ peace of mind on this milestone momentous event!

Make sure your emergency kit includes scissors, sewing needles, thread in various colors (black, white, and whatever matches your bridesmaid dresses), safety pins, and hemming tape to keep hems in place. Also, keep extra earring backs and mints on hand in order to avoid embarrassing moments like losing an earring or having bad breath in wedding photos; plus, this will help everyone remain fresh throughout the day!

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