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What the Mobile App Development Process Really Looks Like in Practice

What the Mobile App Development Process Really Looks Like in Practice

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t use mobile apps. Now that smartphones are in most people’s hands, everyone is browsing app stores to see the coolest new apps. That’s why there were 218 billion app downloads in 2020.

If you’re curious about joining the fray and creating an app yourself, you will have some work to do.

Knowing what the mobile app development process is like is critical if you’re thinking of building an app in the future. Keep reading to learn how pros develop their apps.

UI Wireframe

The first step of creating a mobile app is determining how the app functions. It’s hard to do this in your head, so you need to lay out exactly what you expect your new app to look like.

A wireframe will help you do this. Your wireframe will visually represent every screen in your app.

You can display every button, screen, and interaction in your app. This will help you visualize what you want and better describe your app layout to your development team.

App Design

The next step of the app development process is to create a mobile app design. It isn’t enough to have an app that functions well in today’s world. You also need something that looks great and offers a great user experience.

Don’t just come up with a design that you believe looks good either. You want it to appeal to your users and offer them everything they need to use your app.

App Programming

You’re ready to start the programming process once you have your website design. Send your design files and app specifications to your developers to let them know what they need to do. Try to include as many details as possible to ensure nothing gets left to chance.

You can find people to outsource development of app development by using freelancers or working with a development agency. A freelancer is usually cheaper. But if you want a more professional experience, working with an agency is probably a better choice.

App Testing

Testing is the final part of the app development process. Even if you have great developers, there will inevitably be bugs. You need to find as many severe issues in your app as you can before you release it to the public.

While you can test yourself, it pays to recruit testers for your app. Have them walk through your app and report any issues they find.

This is a continual process, so it will continue even after releasing your app.

Now You Know the Mobile App Development Process

It will take some time to develop a mobile app, so you can’t afford to waste time on things that aren’t productive. The mobile app development process above is a standard in the industry, so keep it in mind during the process to take your mobile app to completion.

Check out the blog if you want to learn more about the types of mobile apps and how to bring them to the world. You’ll also learn how to take on the task as a small business owner.

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