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What is GP1 and GP2 in BSNL?

When contacting BSNL to inquire about their balance, subscribers often receive answers containing details regarding the GP1 and GP2 status of their SIM card – terms that can be difficult for prepaid customers to understand.

State-owned telco provides discounted plans to GP 2 customers looking to continue their subscription. These plans feature shorter validity.


BSNL provides its customers with numerous ways to recharge their mobile phones, such as C-Topup, web portals, and M-wallet, each offering different advantages. All are available both to postpaid and prepaid customers – and most are completely free. Furthermore, special STV packs may provide extra features. Personalized Ring Back Tone (PRBT) service allows subscribers to select an exclusive tune that will play whenever someone calls them – making your phone truly personal!

After expiry, BSNL SIM plans to provide some grace period1. You will still be able to make and receive calls during this period, starting on the day that validity ends and lasting for seven days, during which you can use any existing plan voucher to recharge and restore all services.

Once Grace Period 1 ends, your BSNL account will enter Grace Period 2, giving you one last opportunity to reactivate your prepaid SIM before it gets deactivated. This grace period begins eight days after your plan expiration and lasts 165 days; during this timeframe, outgoing calls and data use remain available while SMS services no longer do.

Prepaid BSNL mobile phone customers will often encounter messages containing technical terms like “Plan Validity Date”, “State”, and “GP1”, which may be perplexing to an average prepaid customer. But there are ways to decipher these messages – understanding them is integral for optimizing your plan! Here are some tips that will help you grasp their meaning:


BSNL GP2 provides prepaid customers with an extended grace period after their plan has ended, during which they have time to recharge with any existing plan voucher to reactivate their account and resume making outgoing calls, receiving messages, and using data services. If no recharge takes place within this time, their number will become inaccessible, preventing further calls or SMS messages from coming through.

The GP1 period is a seven-day grace period after your prepaid mobile number’s validity plan has expired, during which you can still use your phone usually while also activating service by using the online Choose Your Mobile Number portal to select your preferred location, type of service and more – before being given the option to buy online.

STV stands for special tariff vouchers in BSNL, providing special offers such as freebies, discount plans, and call credits that change frequently. Some vouchers even allow you to create a personalized ringback tone that you can set as your ringback tune!

BSNL, India’s state-owned telecommunications company, provides wireless cellular telephone services throughout 22 telecom circles in India, with 95.8 million subscribed individuals on its network. BSNL offers 3G services in Mumbai and Delhi as well as various other forms of telecom products and services in these locations.

BSNL offers several STVs to its prepaid users, such as the Family Plan, Friends and Family Plan, and Rate Cutters Packs. Each package provides discounts on calling, data, and SMS usage. For instance, with Family Plan, you can add limited family and friend contacts as contacts; additionally, it provides unlimited local and national calls as part of its unlimited local calling plan.


BSNL, or Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited in India, provides mobile network services. As a public-owned telecom operator with a presence in 22 telecom circles nationwide, the telecommunications company offers both voice and data services for its customers. As India’s fourth-largest subscriber base, it serves millions across India using its mobile network, plus an assortment of WiFi hotspot services available throughout its coverage area.

BSNL allows you to keep the call and SMS balances of your prepaid account through its Grace Period 1 (GP1) feature for seven days after your plan validity has ended. You can make calls and send SMS without incurring charges; additionally, you may recharge it during this timeframe.

The BSNL App enables you to quickly check your balance and recharge your prepaid account from any location, plus add freebies such as PRBT service, which allows you to set a personal ring tone right from your Android or iOS device – plus, it works great on computers, tablets, and laptops as well!

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), India’s state-owned telecom company, provides mobile phone and internet services across 22 telecom circles in India. Their prepaid plans feature various benefits for both local and long-distance calls, as well as bonus features and freebies, covering most cities and towns nationwide. Furthermore, BSNL boasts an expansive presence in the IoT market, providing services for small to mid-sized businesses and giving employees attractive packages, including health insurance plans and pension schemes.

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