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Wetsuit Rental Pros and Cons: Should I Buy My Own?

Wetsuit Rental Pros and Cons: Should I Buy My Own?

Wetsuits have a range of uses, and wetsuit material has even been used in space. But wherever you plan to use your wetsuit, there is one thing everyone has in common. No one wants a poor wetsuit rental.

An ill-fitting wetsuit rental that is ripped or uncomfortable does not only send shudders (and water) down people’s spines. It can also be dangerous in specific scenarios, as your body will struggle to warm up.

There comes a time when you begin to consider buying a wetsuit. But how do you know whether to invest?

This article has you covered, as only the best wetsuits do. Read on to determine if you should rent a wetsuit or if it is time to buy.

Wetsuit Rental Pros

For some people, wetsuit rental will remain the best option for them. If you pick a reputable supplier, then wetsuit rental can offer various benefits. Here are some of the top wetsuit rental benefits:

  • Flexibility
  • More affordable
  • Less responsibility
  • Easy transport

If you like partaking in a variety of different activities, then you can rent a specific wetsuit for that day, such as a surfing wetsuit or one better suited to scuba gear. Plus, it can be more affordable if you do not frequently need to use a wetsuit.

Most wetsuit rentals are by the beach, so you do not need to worry about transporting or storing a wetsuit. Plus, you do not have to worry about the aftercare, as the wetsuit rental will deal with cleaning and fixing the suit.

Wetsuit Rental Cons

There are also many reasons not to rent a wetsuit. If you frequently need a wetsuit, then the cons of wetsuit rental can quickly outweigh the positives:

  • Poor quality
  • Less sanitary
  • Unreliable availability
  • Expensive to rent long-term

There is nothing worse than finding out you cannot get a surfing wetsuit for the day due to lack of availability. Plus, you will not have access to the best brands or quality. Often, wetsuits are already dirty from the day and can be worn or damaged, reducing their effectiveness.

Buying a Wetsuit

There comes a time when it is time to buy a wetsuit. It is time to buy if you regularly need a wetsuit and are tired of wetsuit rental. You will always have a wetsuit available and can pick the best wetsuit material for your needs.

Be sure to buy from reputable wetsuit companies to get a quality wetsuit that will last. Check out these brands for inspiration.

Wetsuit Rental vs Buying a Wetsuit

It can be more cost-effective to buy a wetsuit than to get a wetsuit rental. However, be sure to factor in costs for maintaining your suit, and remember you may need to size up or down at some point.

If you do decide to invest, be sure to do your research. Pick a wetsuit company that offers good customer service and a warranty. Also, follow wetsuit sizing guides carefully and check wetsuit brand reviews.

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