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Vuori Clothing Reviews

Vuori is a brand that takes sustainability to heart, creating clothes made of soft fabrics that feel good while looking great, offering styles to meet every lifestyle need.

The Sunday performance joggers are ideal for hikes and sweaty HIIT sessions, while the Daily Legging offers a flattering fit that makes yoga or brunch easier. Both garments can easily be cleaned; their strappy shoulder strings add a touch of femininity.

Vuori is a brand that focuses on sustainability.

Vuori is an athleisure brand emphasizing sustainability and ethical manufacturing, offering a 120-day return policy and employing eco-friendly fabrics in its product production process. Recycled materials are also utilized, as are partnerships with companies with similar sustainability goals. Their code of conduct outlines their commitment to ethical labor practices, such as offering fair wages.

Vuori apparel was established in Encinitas, CA, to reflect the coastal California lifestyle. Their mission is to challenge traditional boundaries and redefine performance apparel through fitness, surf, art, and community involvement. Their innovative sustainable fabrics include REPREVE polyester from recycled plastic bottles and ECONYL nylon made from fishing nets waste; they also use a small percentage of regenerated cellulosic materials such as lyocell and viscose as signature fabrics.

Vuori’s dedication to sustainability extends beyond producing high-quality products; its goal is to minimize its environmental footprint while supporting sustainable global development. They work toward eliminating waste, offsetting 100% of their carbon footprint, and investing in social responsibility and community leadership – their sustainable manufacturing practices help cut back on water, chemicals, and energy use as much as possible.

The company uses eco-friendly fabrics such as recycled cotton, bamboo, and other organic plant fibers. Furthermore, they utilize renewable energy and strive to eliminate plastic in their supply chain using reusable garment bags and funding projects via CleanHub that save millions of plastic bags from landfill. In addition, they have initiated efforts to decrease their water use by recycling wastewater generated during clothing production processes.

Vuori has earned certification as a climate-neutral company and thus offsets 100% of its business and manufacturing emissions through the Climate Neutral Project, investing in projects which combat global warming, such as reforestation and renewable energy sources.

CleanHub has also helped them reduce plastic usage, providing funding for recycling projects so that they can achieve plastic neutrality by 2022.

It offers free shipping.

Vuori is a high-performance apparel brand that blurs the lines between athleisure and premium performance clothing, using eco-friendly fabric with an unassuming Pacific Coast aesthetic to produce dresses you can wear for everything from hiking the mountains to yoga studio classes. Their products are designed with ethical manufacturing and sustainability considerations in mind, offsetting 100% of their carbon footprint with their products!

Vuori is an excellent activewear store that provides free shipping. Their website features a search bar so you can type in your city to locate stores offering this option, plus sign up for their newsletter for exclusive coupons and updates on new products!

Vuori clothing reviews often praise its soft and comfortable clothing as one of their main attractions, even during sweaty workouts. Vuori utilizes Seacell fabric made of wood pulp and algae to craft its activewear; its cotton-like feel provides added comfort for wearers. In addition, their apparel comes in various colors and sizes without losing its soft feel during washing machine/dryer use.

Vuori may be relatively new, yet it has quickly grown increasingly popular among athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Their soft yet durable workout clothing offers excellent customer service, with their simple return policy is offering a refund or exchange within 120 days after purchase.

Vuori stands apart from established performance brands like Lululemon by offering ultra-soft clothing that emulates athleisurewear. Founded by former Dolce and Gabanna model Joe Kudla, who saw an inadequate selection of stylish mens athleisurewear options, Vuori was his response.

Vuori stands out from other activewear companies by providing free shipping for all orders. To take advantage of this offer, enter your promo code during checkout – your discount will automatically be applied, and you can track your shipment online. In addition to offering this enticing deal, they also have an innovative loyalty program where members earn points for every dollar spent that they can redeem towards discounts on future purchases.

It offers a 30-day return policy.

Vuori offers an outstanding return policy. Items may be returned in-store or online with just your receipt – take your pick! It may take some time, but rest assured knowing your money will replace – plus, they provide free shipping labels!

Vuori offers ethical clothing made of recycled materials and offsets 100% of its carbon footprint through CO2 buybacks, while its products provide extra comfort and style. Vuori also specializes in manufacturing performance clothing for both men and women.

Their joggers are ideal for an afternoon run in the heat or lounging while watching Seinfeld. Plus, they have a line of flattering tees perfect for either the gym or casual off days, plus an extensive collection of shoes that pair perfectly with them!

Vuori offers an accommodating return policy, giving customers 120 days to return an unsuitable purchase if it doesn’t suit them. They even provide you with a pre-paid shipping label, so producing it won’t be any more complicated, plus extra store credit in case further time is needed for returns.

Vuori offers a straightforward returns process, and its team is always willing to assist. Simply complete their form for return items, and they’ll contact you if you have any queries about your return process or exclusions. Visit their website for further details of their service offering!

Vuori stores and online can accept returns of both full-priced and sale items; you need the receipt to process it – or you can exchange an item instead!

Vuori stands out from competitors by using recycled materials and treating workers fairly. Additionally, their suppliers must abide by a Vuori Code of Conduct that addresses issues like environmental impact and worker safety – something inferior brands don’t do as effectively. This makes Vuori unique.

It offers a variety of styles.

Vuori is an athleisure brand with an excellent selection of products. Their clothing is constructed using top-grade materials designed for use across various activities and sports – lightweight but durable; they will stand the test of time. Vuori uses recycled material in its fabrics, such as REPREVE (polyester made from plastic bottles) and ECONYL (nylon from fishing nets) from PET recycling bottles for their REPREVE material and nylon from fishing nets, respectively.

The company provides a range of styles to cater to different fitness needs, from hiking to yoga. Their signature fabric is soft and stretchy with elastic thread stitched through its seams for additional chafing-prevention and anti-odor properties that make it suitable for outdoor workouts and long runs. In addition, there are tops, bottoms, and accessories available for both men and women available from them.

Joe Kudla, the founder of Lori Clothing, is an avid surfer and traveler who wanted to create a line that reflected California’s active coastal lifestyle. Their soft eco-friendly fabrics and subtle colorways evoke Californian chill vibes; furthermore, they’re committed to sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices and offsetting 100 percent of their carbon footprint!

One of the brand’s best-selling pieces, the Energy Tank, features a classic high neckline and slight crop, perfect for pairing with high-waisted leggings. Constructed of Seacell fabric – which has a cotton-like feel but also fights odor and acts antimicrobial – this piece is ideal for sweaty HIIT sessions or hot yoga classes.

Dash Short is another fantastic choice that features six pockets and is great for hiking trips. Available in multiple colors with an adjustable waistband to ensure comfort during any activity, this pair also pairs nicely with casual attire at brunch!

Vuori may seem pricey at first glance, but signing up for their email list gets you an initial 20% discount and free shipping for orders of $75 or more – their shipping times range between four to ten business days!