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Valanio Clothing Reviews

Valanio is an online store that sells women’s clothing at highly affordable prices for all seasons of the year, providing return/refund policies and worldwide delivery of its products. However, no information regarding its founder can be found anywhere on its site, and much of its content features plagiarized material.

This domain was only recently registered, launching three months earlier, on 15th July 2021. Furthermore, they claim they can also be found on Instagram and Facebook.


Valanio is an online shopping platform offering winter and summer dresses at discounted prices with a 30-day return policy, shipping internationally. Customers have indicated their belief in Valanio being legitimate.

Some customers of Valanio have reported that the clothing they purchased from them was of high quality and fit well and they appreciated its variety of sizes and styles. Other customers, however, have reported items received were different than they anticipated or complained of a lack of customer support on its website as well as high shipping costs.

One of the primary concerns with Valanio is its legitimacy. There is no information regarding who owns it, making it hard to tell whether reviews on there are genuine. Furthermore, its low trust score raises suspicion.

Another major drawback of this website is its absence of social media accounts, making it hard for visitors to contact the company should there be any issues. Furthermore, much of its content appears to have been copied directly from other websites – potentially leading to plagiarism and other legal complications.

Although the Valanio website has received many positive reviews, some remain uncertain of its authenticity. Therefore, conducting a comprehensive investigation before purchasing from it is essential. There are various ways of ascertaining the legitimacy of websites; one effective method involves checking for plagiarized content; an automated plagiarism checker can make this task easy and stress-free.


Fashion enthusiasts may have seen advertisements for the Valanio store. This online clothing retailer provides summer and winter collections for women, but is it legit? Many have concerns over this site’s legitimacy; some even suspect a scam may exist here.

Valanio is an established online store offering clothing and home decor items. Their products have received positive feedback from customers who were satisfied with both product selection and service delivery, in addition to having an outstanding return/shipping policy.

This site boasts low costs and a 30-day merchandise exchange guarantee, promising worldwide delivery of their goods. Unfortunately, no information regarding their proprietor can be found; this indicates it should be avoided as fraudulent.

Warning signs for this website include its short domain age and plagiarized content, having only been registered eight months ago on 15 July 2021, without a social media presence; its domain expires in 2022, signifying that it may soon cease operations.

Emily reports being dissatisfied with the quality and delivery of a dress she bought from the Valanio website and was disappointed to find that it had not arrived in time for her holiday. Although disappointed, Emily decided to purchase another product but again was disappointed when it didn’t show up as promised.

Another drawback with Valanio is their slow order processing and delivery times, causing some customers to experience delays while others received damaged or incomplete products. Their customer support team responds promptly to customer complaints; furthermore, they offer free returns and money-back guarantees on orders – overall, it’s worthwhile shopping there due to its excellent customer service and quality products; be careful before making your final purchase decision!


Valanio is an online store for women’s clothing that claims to offer affordable summer and winter clothes at unbeatably competitive prices and worldwide shipping. However, some doubts exist regarding its legitimacy.

Checkout Page Displays Bogus McAfee Trust Stamp Emblem A website displays a misleading McAfee trust stamp emblem on its checkout page, leading to malware attacks and security breaches that compromise customer personal data. Multiple security researchers say shopping from this site should not be recommended due to potential malware risks and breaches.

Trust Pilot reviews for this website show many complaints, such as its difficult return policy and poor customer service, making ordering from them frustratingly tricky. Furthermore, customer support was inadequate, with long delivery times for your orders and no clear returns policy that’s easy to understand.

Valanio’s website also contains plagiarized content – a common practice among fraudulent sites as it helps rank higher on search engines, thus drawing in more visitors to their website.

This website was established on 15 July 2021, less than six months old. Unfortunately, we do not know the identity of its owner, and there are concerns that this may be fraudulent activity on this domain.

Valanio claims to have social media pages on Instagram and Facebook, yet they provide no details. Furthermore, this website boasts a low Trust Score and is vulnerable to Malware attacks due to a lack of metadata on-site, allowing hackers to attack it quickly. While reports have surfaced of scams occurring, there have also been positive reviews written by people who have purchased from Valanio; it is essential that consumers read Valanio reviews before making purchases so that they are fully informed before deciding to buy anything from there.


Valanio offers high-quality clothing at competitive prices with outstanding customer service, earning top ratings on Trust Pilot and offering affordable products. Be sure also to review their return policy, coupons, or discounts available to maximize savings when purchasing from this site.

The website offers an impressive variety of dresses, from mini to maxi styles, with vacation prints. Additionally, they claim to offer exclusive discount codes and free shipping on orders of $35+. Furthermore, samples may be ordered before placing an order, and should you not be satisfied with an item, they allow exchanges for another size or color option.

Valanio has been operating for over a decade, selling its products through retailers and online stores. Valanio utilizes premium materials when crafting its garments and employs an in-house design team to ensure superior quality before shipping out each shipment.

Valanio can be determined as a legitimate store based on various factors, including its domain name and payment options. A red flag would be any lack of information regarding its founder. Furthermore, Plagiarized content on their website also indicates its legitimacy.

An identity fraudster may use the same template and content across several websites to increase profits; however, any legitimate business will disclose such details in its Terms of Service agreement.

Many have praised this website, while some have voiced concerns. One woman complained that after placing an order and receiving the incorrect item, her refund came within 20 days, but postage fees would still apply.

Another issue with the website is its absence of contact phone numbers and addresses, with an Alexa ranking that falls in the low range and no metadata, making it vulnerable to malware attacks.