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Use Rare Carat to buy good diamond deals for your engagement ring

Rare Carat is a diamond price comparison website that helps people finds the perfect diamond deal for their engagement rings. With a current inventory of over 20,000 diamonds, it is the most comprehensive website for prospective diamond buyers to do research on prices and quality. It offers detailed diamond price quotes from over 300 select dealers. The gemstone industry has been plagued by high prices and a shortage of supply. Now more than ever, prospective buyers need to do their research before planning a diamond engagement ring. As prices continue to rise rapidly, getting the best value for your money is even more imperative.

How to use Rare Carat to buy good diamond deals for your engagement ring

1. The four Cs

Each diamond’s value is determined by four main characteristics, the “4Cs” – carat (weight), clarity, color, and cut. Diamonds are priced on their individual characteristics and overall appearance – not on brand or designer name. The more of the 4Cs you can purchase for your budget, the greater the value you get. For example, clarity is one of the most important variables in diamond price. These defects can affect a diamond’s value by as much as 50% or more; however, they are often very difficult to detect by untrained eyes.

2. Avoid “Fancy” Diamonds

In addition to the 4Cs, colors of diamonds also play a role in determining their value. Within the “fancy” diamond classification (i.e., fancy yellow, fancy pink, fancy green), colors are ranked from the finest quality (D, E) to the lowest grade (Z). These lower-end colors can be very inexpensive, but they are not as desirable when it comes to cut and clarity. In some cases, they can even have a negative effect on a diamond’s overall appearance. If none of the fancy colors are included in your ideal setting, it is best to avoid them altogether.

3. Cut is King

A diamond’s “cut” means how well its various proportions and angles complement light to form the most brilliant and beautiful sparkle possible, which also increases its value. “Cut quality” is one of the most important, yet often misunderstood aspects of grading a diamond’s overall appearance when compared to others. A diamond’s cut gives it a 3-D look as opposed to having a flat face as most other gemstones do.

4. Quality

The quality of a diamond is the combination of all of its characteristics, from cut, color and clarity to carat weight. How these aspects interact with each other to create the best overall appearance determines its value. Rare Carat monitors all of the 4Cs, facets and colors of each diamond in its inventory, so it can give you accurate feedback on what kind of diamond is best for your budget.

5. Diamond Grading Report

The diamond grading report gives detailed information about the 4C characteristics for every diamond in its inventory. It identifies the various “facet” grades and other factors that influence a stone’s overall appearance, including clarity and color. This report also explains how cut affects a stone’s value, as well as its other physical characteristics such as carat weight and sizing.

6. Pricing Comparison

Rare carat compares all of its diamonds with other similar diamonds so you can know how much you will pay for a particular piece no matter where in the world it was found. This is the most important part of buying a diamond – knowing what to expect from diamond prices. Many times, we hear from customers that they bought an expensive diamond that didn’t match their budget, but this website can help you understand the pricing and get an idea about how your favourite stone should cost.

7. Custom Engagement Ring

Rare Carat’s custom engagement ring service allows you to purchase a ring and have it made. Choose the diamond you want to match your budget, then choose the exact centre stone size, color and clarity. You can also select diamonds with fancy colors or cuts that may not be available in stock and have that featured in your ring. The result is a unique piece of jewellery that will be all you can ever dream of.

8. Diamond Warranty

Rare carat offers all its diamonds with a lifetime warranty against any natural defects when purchased through an authorized dealer who conducts the trade-in process for free. It also offers a full refund policy for people who bought a diamond online but do not like the quality of their purchase. If you’re looking for a new way to buy diamonds, the Rare Carat is your best choice.

9. Price History

Rare Carat’s price tracking chart shows actual diamond prices for the past five years. You can see where the prices are trending, whether up or down. In addition, you can compare diamonds based on their quality, color and cut grades to see how they rank against each other in terms of value. This adds a layer of transparency to the purchase process that was not possible before.

10. Customer Service

Rare Carat’s customer service team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have or help you with a purchase. It provides an easy-to-use approach to buying diamonds. Instead of relying on limited, biased samples offered by local jewelers, it gives you a lifetime access to diamond prices and other valuable resources like industry news, price information, and much more.

11. Buy Diamonds with Confidence

Rare Carat’s customer guarantee ensures that you will receive the highest quality diamonds at the best value possible. Each diamond it carries is guaranteed for life against any natural defects in its structure or features. It also offers a 100% refund policy for people who bought a diamond from Rare Carat and did not like it. However, this is rarely needed since all these diamonds are high-quality and come with a detailed certification report to confirm their quality.

12. Buy Diamonds Online

There’s no better place to buy diamonds online than Rare Carat’s website. Its professional and friendly customer service team is always ready to help you purchase a diamond. Its website is easy to navigate and provides valuable information on diamonds and the diamond industry. You can find out the price of your favourite stone, see different cuts and colors, view the certificate report, and more within a few minutes without leaving your home office or computer.

In conclusion, diamonds are undoubtedly a symbol of love and beauty. Everyone dreams of getting a diamond set in their ring. Yet, you cannot be sure about the value of your diamonds until you are completely satisfied with the purchase and decide to sell them later on. That’s where the secret to buying diamonds online lies – Rare Carat is here to help you find the perfect stone while helping you keep your budget intact at all times! Learn more about how we can help you buy a diamond online or why going through commercial stores may not be the best choice for your budget.