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Up High: 4 Attic Remodel Ideas

Up High: 4 Attic Remodel Ideas

Did you know that people use less than 50% of the space in their homes in the United States?

Big houses are nice, but they leave a lot of space that you are paying for to be unused.

Instead of getting a larger home, you should make the most of your current space and attic.

Continue reading to discover the best attic remodel ideas that are practical for your family!

1. Library

One of the most popular attic remodel ideas to consider if you love reading is a library.

Libraries can work with a low ceiling attic remodel since you can turn the walls into shelves. Once all of your books are on the walls, you can add a reading nook near a window. Sitting in the attic, overlooking the house can be relaxing and help you concentrate on getting to the next chapter.

2. Office Space

If you work from home and can’t seem to find a quiet space in the house, you should try the attic.

With the attic being at the top of the house, you don’t have to stress about feet running across the floor upstairs during a call. The attic is an isolated room that will let you focus on projects and meet deadlines.

To make the office space even more practical, you can add a desk for your child. They can do schoolwork and fun projects at the desk while you work.

3. Play Room

Finding small attic remodel ideas can seem pointless but you can easily turn it into a playroom.

Since children don’t require as much space, you can add their favorite toys and turn the attic into a play area.

If you want to keep your children safe in their playroom, Anthem Insulation & Home can help. Getting proper insulation, venting, and cooling in the attic is necessary so that you don’t put the kids at risk. Some parents recommend installing a camera in the room so that you can ensure that they are safe while upstairs.

4. Yoga & Meditation

Practicing meditation can seem impossible in a busy household.

If you want to create a calming place to practice yoga and meditation, the attic can work. Most attics are small, which limits the options you have for utilizing the space. You don’t need many items or furniture in a meditation room, which makes it a practical choice.

Try to let as much sunlight and air into the attic as you can. Attics can feel stuffy if the windows aren’t opened frequently.

Consider These Practical Attic Remodel Ideas

Whether you work from home, have kids to care for, or both, these attic remodel ideas can help.

Instead of wasting this space, you can spruce it up and turn it into something more practical. Aside from storage, you can work in the attic or turn it into an area for zen and peace. Don’t be afraid to get creative, especially for playroom ideas.

Keep in mind that without proper insulation and cooling, this space can reach extreme temperatures.

Make sure you check out our blog for more content about home improvement projects and how to utilize your space!

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