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Tutorials For Students Using Buckeye Learn

Buckeye learn enables students to easily track their training progress and generate completion certificates, as shown by the tutorials below.

Career offices on campus often provide resume review and mock interview services; contact yours for more details.

Creating a Course

Buckeye Learn is a platform designed to assist university employees in tracking both inside and outside classroom professional development. Employees can utilize training opportunities and view transcripts on this system, while managers have access to track employee progress in training. Managers can use the transcript feature for professional development discussions with employees and encourage them to take advantage of opportunities offered by the university.

Professor Buckeye has been asked to teach an introductory course on an uncharted area of his discipline, which falls outside his area of expertise, and he worries that students won’t understand its content. So, he takes out his notebook and writes down an action list for course planning.

Registering for a course requires knowing its course number and class/section name. In addition, I am requesting an override due to pre-requisite time conflicts or schedule conflicts (for instance, ordering one with lec/rec or lecture/rec combinations).

The BGLC can enhance your college experience and connect you with people with similar interests, helping you become more self-aware about both your strengths and weaknesses and leading to improved academic performance. Furthermore, social and cultural activities aimed at connecting first-generation students are provided to connect first-generation students to other students; additionally, many programs are offered that can aid skill identification, development, and articulation.

Creating a Test

Designing a test allows maximum flexibility when selecting question types and setting options that suit your needs. Some questions require specific answer choices, while others can accept open-ended answers. You can even add feedback questions to capture learner opinions of their overall experience with the course – this feedback can then serve as an evaluation for its value in teaching it!

Tests may be regraded if learners wish to change their answer choices, which is useful when missing questions and wanting another shot at answering. Regraded results will then appear in their transcript.

Learner transcripts display all training courses a learner has completed inside and outside BuckeyeLearn, providing managers, compliance officers, senior human resources professionals, and others an easy way to verify all necessary training has been completed. They can also facilitate professional development conversations between management and employees.

BuckeyeLearn offers support through two levels: the IT Service Desk (which is equipped to deal with fundamental issues such as pop-up blockers) and Organization Unit Administrators, who can handle more advanced matters such as pop-up blockers. These administrators can escalate issues directly to our vendor’s Global Product Support team for further resolution when needed. This support system aims to reduce duplicative training efforts, eliminate unit maintenance needs, and provide learners with one centralized location from which they can access training across campus.

Creating a Completion Certificate

BuckeyeLearn provides completion certificates for training completed in its system. A new feature enables learners to download or print their certification directly from their completion page; additionally, these certificates provide details such as course title, content overview, and creator. Learners can access their completion pages by clicking Transcript tab > View Completion Page > Complete Page Viewers / Completers Viewers page.

The Buckeye Advantage Readiness Competencies are essential tools for self-assessment, discussing with employers or peers, or creating a Skill Story – they provide important resources that can help Ohio State students grow professionally at Ohio State.

BuckeyeLearn training is produced by various departments, units, and external vendors identified in the “Vendor/Provider” field on each training description page.

BuckeyeLearn now allows university managers to utilize dashboards to monitor their team’s training compliance, and a new job aid provides instructions on how to use this feature.

BuckeyeLearn provides numerous professional development opportunities for employees and managers alike, such as viewing their training and certification history in transcript view. Furthermore, managers should use this data to have meaningful professional development conversations with their employees – these discussions work best when there is mutual trust and rapport between supervisors and subordinates.

Creating a Report

Buckeye Police Department now offers an easy online system for filing non-emergency police reports, making filing non-emergency reports quick and convenient from home or work. Use it for filing reports regarding property loss/damage/identity theft/house watch requests without needing special software or computer skills.

To create a report, navigate to the App Launcher (9 dots), select Reports, and select your report type of choice from a drop-down list of words (Accounts or Opportunities, among others), with additional details displayed in a side panel for that report type – this insight is available both for standard (such as Accounts or Opportunities) as well as customized types.

BuckeyeLearn training opportunities are developed by various departments, units, and external vendors. To identify who created a course, look at its Vendor/Provider field.

BuckeyeLearn supports strategic initiatives of both universities and medical centers by providing broad access to learning opportunities, encouraging professional development conversations between employees and managers, and offering a transcript feature for training conducted inside and outside BuckeyeLearn. Managers should promote using BuckeyeLearn and review employee transcripts regularly – for more information; please check out Your BuckeyeLearn Transcript Revealed online course and Manager’s Guide to BuckeyeLearn job aids.