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First Step Learning Center

First Step Learning Center recognizes each child’s differences and abilities while meeting state requirements for classroom ratios. Our owner/director is on-site during business hours for meetings with parents as needed and offers resources. First Steps is governed by federal law (IDEA Part C) and Missouri’s State Plan.

We are a Quality Early Learning Facility that is Affordable

Establishing high-quality spaces for children’s learning takes careful planning and commitment from all community members. It can be costly as a well-functioning facility requires many classroom and non-classroom components – including sinks and toilets scaled for children’s sizes, plumbing to direct to classroom bathrooms directly accessible from classrooms, large exterior and interior windows, specialized features necessary for their educational experience, etc. – not to mention cost.

First Step’s programs foster children’s development and provide families with opportunities for community involvement and connection through its Parent Resource Center, open-door policy, and family events. Classroom ratios (caregiver to child) exceed state requirements at First Step, and there are six classrooms within its building and a gym that can be used for extensive motor skills activities or when the weather prevents us from going outdoors for preschool and kindergarten classes.

First Step is South Carolina’s private, community, and faith-based 4K program, providing free full-day four-year-old kindergarten for qualifying children. Enrolled students qualify for child care and afterschool scholarship options at participating centers.

We are a Nurturing Child Care Center

An optimal child care center provides children with a safe, secure, and loving environment to explore their imagination, learn new things, and develop critical social skills. A nurturing child care center will also offer guidance and support that helps children become healthy adults with stable lives.

Nurturing child care centers offer more than safe, clean environments; they also employ certified CPR and first aid staff capable of handling any emergencies. Furthermore, programs should be well organized with fun activities for the children as part of the plan; records will be maintained regarding those placed under their care, while regular communication will occur between staff members and parents.

Many local First Steps partnerships run or support center-based child care programs within their communities, providing local families access to high-quality early learning and development services that enhance school readiness and long-term academic outcomes. Furthermore, several of these partnerships participate in Quality Counts as the state’s voluntary quality rating and improvement system.

First Steps partners offer free, full-day four-year-old kindergarten to qualifying children in partnership with over 250 licensed childcare centers and private schools across the state. Families can quickly locate quality four-year-old programs through this process and apply for childcare scholarships to offset costs associated with selecting their provider of choice.

We are a Learning Center with a Gym

First Step Learning Center offers six classrooms and a gym, secured with a security system. Teachers meet or exceed state classroom ratio requirements, while our facility provides a safe, comfortable space for children to learn and grow. Developmentally appropriate activities are featured in every classroom, while our gymnasium serves school-age children during our before and after school program and younger ones when the weather does not permit ample motor skills practice time.

We are a Christian Child Care Center

First Step Learning Center offers a warm, loving, safe, clean, and nurturing environment for children ages six weeks through VPK. Class ratios exceed state requirements while all staff are CPR, first aid, and health & safety certified. Parents are always welcome and encouraged to participate in activities; additionally, the owner/director is on-site and available for parent conferences.

Our facility has six classrooms and a large gym for our students to learn and explore. Each classroom features developmentally appropriate activities designed for learning. Meanwhile, ample motor skills training takes place inside when the weather doesn’t permit outdoor playtime for younger or school-age children.

First Step Learning Center is proud to partner with the First Steps 4K program, providing free four-year-old kindergarten education to qualifying children across its network of more than 250 licensed childcare centers and private schools – making it easier than ever for families to find high-quality 4K programs for their child(ren).