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The Key Elements of Bohemian Interior Design

Bohemian interior design is a great way to update the look of your home without starting from scratch. The key is to target a major area of your homes, such as the floor or walls. Adding a pair of rugs with a bohemian look is an easy way to begin. Consider using a jute rug with animal hide underlay. You can also add bohemian pillows to traditional pieces of furniture. In addition, adding a fiddle leaf fig tree adds warmth and a boho feel.


Using patterns in your home is one way to give your room an interesting and eclectic look. These patterns can be found on wall hangings, rugs, and upholstered pieces. The key is to mix and match materials. For instance, you can use chenille and silk together, but avoid using shiny materials. You can add fringe to almost any item to give it a more worn look.

Bohemian interior design is about having fun and getting creative with the colors and patterns. Patterns are layered on top of one another to create an intriguing and eclectic look. This style fuses well with Mid-Century Modern, Scandinavian, and Wabi-Sabi interior design styles. There is a certain appeal to bohemian style, and it can be a great fit for your home, whether you live in a small apartment or a large house.

Bohemian style draws inspiration from many cultures and backgrounds. The term “bohemian” comes from the French word for “bohemien,” which means “free-spirited.” The bohemian lifestyle is characterized by free-spiritedness and artistic freedom.

Patterns in bohemian interior design are all about mixing styles and adding interesting details. In this case, a shaggy Moroccan rug might mix with a salvaged desk or a modern cube bookcase. Bohemian interior design also incorporates pillows and blanket layers to highlight the room’s relaxed ambiance. The layers add depth and create a cozy, inviting feel.

The key to bohemian decor is using warm colors in the right proportions. Typically, the boho style is composed of earth tones and neutral colors. However, if you want a more striking look, you can try jewel-tone palettes and gemstone hues.

Natural materials

One of the key elements of bohemian interior design is natural materials. Using natural materials will make your home feel more relaxed and tranquil. They also promote good mental health. These materials are versatile and can be used for window treatments, decorative accents, and furniture coverings. They also tend to be easy to maintain. Jute rugs are an excellent choice for this style.

Bohemians love mixing patterns and textures. Using fabrics from different countries, such as ikat from Cambodia or suzani from central Asia, can add a bohemian flair to your home. The use of area rugs and throws also adds to the decor. Using white on the walls and floors creates visual space and can be used as a backdrop for richer tones.

The use of plants is a crucial component in bohemian interior design. Plants not only bring the natural world indoors but also provide cleaner air in any room. The presence of plants also gives a home a vibrant, energetic vibe. Natural materials like wood and wicker can also create cozy reading corners. The style is also great for bringing nature indoors through colorful accessories and objects.

Natural materials such as wood and stone are also important in this interior design style. They add warmth and life to a room and contribute to the control of humidity. Most plants require a warm temperature to thrive. Natural materials such as wood and stone also create a soothing, relaxing atmosphere.

When it comes to furniture, bohemian furniture is often handmade and is usually made from reclaimed materials. These materials give your home a unique look and are often the best source of bohemian furniture. You can find many of these pieces at thrift stores and vintage shops. You can also check out flea markets for great selections. Christopher Guy is a popular designer of furniture in the bohemian style and uses various natural materials to create stunning interiors.

Pops of color

Bohemian interior design is a colorful way to decorate your home. It emphasizes natural elements and bold patterns. It has a jungle-like feel and promotes serenity. The color palette is very versatile. You can use a muted color base or layer up brighter colors.

Animated wallpaper will have a dramatic impact on an accent wall. You can choose a floral or botanical pattern. Pair it with mellow round shapes to balance the busy pattern. The warmth of wood will help tie the whole look together. Alternatively, a medley of animals can be used to give a more youthful spin to the look. A colorful garland is also easy to add a fun, whimsical touch.

The bohemian interior design style began in the nineteenth century in Paris, France. Travelers and artists used it to create unconventional homes. Instead of following strict rules, bohemians experiment with bold color combinations and patterns. The style reflects the life of a nomad.

Incorporating botanicals is a crucial part of the bohemian decor. They bring the beauty of the outdoors inside and improve air quality. They also add a sense of energy to a room. They also provide a sense of connection to nature, which is a great thing.

Pops of color are another important part of bohemian interior design. Bold patterns and jewel tones are a common theme in bohemian environments. While jewel tones are always a great choice, too much of a single color is distracting.


Bohemian style is known for its use of various textures and patterns. It often uses exotic textiles such as ikat, from Cambodia and suzani, from Central Asia. Incorporating patterns and textures into your decor can be as simple as layering rugs or hanging tapestries. You can also add pieces such as wicker baskets and distressed wood chairs.

The texture of bohemian interior design allows the eye to explore the room more tactilely. Often used to create cozy gatherings, these spaces feature low-lying furniture that encourages people to come closer together and commune. Bohemian interiors are also known for their maximalist approach, which invokes a sense of adventure and whimsy while celebrating individuality and a love of life.

Adding antiques is another great way to inject bohemian style into your home. Whether a vintage tray or an antique accent chair, adding these objects to your home will add a vintage feel. Decorative objects and wall decor also play an important role in creating a bohemian look.

Using bright, earthy colors is another important aspect of creating a bohemian look. Warm earth tones and jewel tones make a great base color for your bohemian decorating style. However, keep your chosen colors within the theme to avoid creating a disjointed look. Try to stick to the 60-30-10 color rule for most of your interior design, and you’ll end up with a beautiful home that’s a great place to relax.

Bohemian interior design textures are best achieved through layering colors, patterns, and textures. You can even use global-inspired fabrics and patterns for a truly exotic feel.

Peacock chair

Traditionally associated with bohemian interior design, the peacock chair has made a major comeback. Its open design makes it an interesting accent piece in a bohemian space but can also be used in more conventional spaces. Its mother, Sera Hersham-Loftus, is the mother of the boudoir style.

Peacock chairs are available in various sizes, colors, and styles. They can be styled with colorful cushions or neutral ones. They are ideal for hobby rooms and can be easily combined with other items in the room. Alternatively, you can use a peacock chair with a rattan frame and faux-fur or peacock pillows.

Peacock chairs can add a splash of color and a bohemian interior design. A large patterned wallpaper is a great addition, as is a massive cactus plant. A lacy indoor hammock or hanging chair is also a great way to add a bohemian element to a room. You can add a grand Peacock chair and enjoy the relaxed, carefree atmosphere!

The Peacock chair can make a huge statement in a bohemian bedroom. To a bohemian interior design, you can add rattan accents such as baskets, ottomans, and magazine racks. If you are in the market for a vintage rattan chair, make sure to check out our top 10 vintage rattan picks.

Bohemian interior design is all about blending colors and textures. Unlike a minimalist style, the bohemian interior design embraces bold patterns and layers. Its relaxed, informal tone lets you play with various decor elements, including a rustic table and mismatched chairs. Hanging wicker chairs can provide a cozy reading nook.