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The Gardens at Marina Reservoir in Singapore

The Gardens at Marina Reservoir offer visitors a wide range of experiences. From the Skywalk to the Conservatories, you can explore a variety of tropical plants and trees. There is an admission fee, but the experience is worth it. Those in the market for a family outing will be delighted by the various family-friendly activities offered.

Supertree Grove

The unique Supertree Grove in Singapore Gardens is an incredible vertical garden with a canopy of huge trees. At night, the canopies are illuminated with colorful lights. Designed by artist Peter Chan, this unique garden is unlike any other. Visitors will feel as if they’re in a tropical rainforest. There are various areas throughout the garden to enjoy, from gardens for children to serene spots for couples.

The 18 massive Supertrees generate solar power and act as natural air vents for the rest of the park. Besides providing shade during the day, the Supertrees also offers an impressive view of the city and Marina Bay Sands. A 420-foot (128-meter) long walkway connects the trees’ tops.

If you’re interested in seeing some of the world’s tallest trees, the Supertree Grove in Singapore Gardens is worth a visit. Its massive branches resemble those found in tropical rainforests. At night, the trees are illuminated to create a spectacular light and sound show. Visitors can take in these amazing trees free of charge.

The Supertree Grove is also home to the popular Garden Rhapsody light show, which takes over the Gardens with stunning visuals. The light show is powered by solar energy collected during the day and is completely free for the public. The light show can be accompanied by a tropical lightning storm, adding to the drama.

There are several attractions and a restaurant at the Supertree Grove in Singapore. The tallest Supertree has a rooftop bar and restaurant. Visitors are offered a free drink upon entrance. The restaurant on the upper floor has sofa cushions, tables, and chairs positioned around its perimeter. You can enjoy the views from the skyway, which is 22 meters high.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited the Supertree Grove in Singapore Gardens on Wednesday, 12 September. The duchess planted a sapling and spoke with the design team. In addition, the Gardens were shortlisted for the World Architecture Festival on October 3 and 4. It has been nominated in the Display and Completed Urban Landscape Design categories.


You’ll love the Conservatories at Singapore Gardens if you love plants. These two unique structures feature an indoor waterfall and a tropical climate. Each conservatory has different areas to explore, and you can even walk through the Cloudwalk to get a different perspective. There are many ways to enjoy the Conservatories at Singapore Gardens.

The two Conservatories at Singapore Gardens are among the world’s largest greenhouses. Both feature an orchid as their symbol, representing both the tropics and Singapore. The orchid, Vanda ‘Miss Joaquim’, takes root along the waterfront and grows shoots and leaves, representing the ocean and water. They have secondary roots that represent energy and communication lines.

The conservatories at Singapore Gardens are divided into two sections, the Cool Dome and the Flower Dome. The Flower Dome replicates cool, dry conditions and features plants from the Mediterranean and semi-arid tropical regions. The Cloud Forest replicates cool, moist conditions found in highland tropical regions. Both have elevator-accessible paths and waterfalls.

The Conservatories at Singapore Gardens were designed by the internationally acclaimed architectural firm WilkinsonEyre. Their designs have won more than 300 awards, including the RIBA Stirling Prize in 2001 and the Lubetkin Prize in 2002. A British architect gives both of these awards to the best new international building.

Singapore has dedicated a large amount of prime space to public amenities and has declared its intention to become a “city in a garden.” Gardens by the Bay comprises three different waterfront gardens, Bay South, Bay East, and Bay Central. WilkinsonEyre, Atelier One, Land Design, and Davis Langdon and Seah were winning firms.

The Conservatories at Singapore Gardens are free to visit, although there are additional fees for Skywalk entry. The Gardens are open from 5am to 2 am every day. Admission to the domes and Skywalk require payment, and the last tickets are sold at 8 pm. The Gardens are well-signposted, and you can easily get there by MRT.


The Skywalk at Singapore Gardens is a 128-meter-long aerial walkway that winds through twelve vertical gardens. Visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the garden and the supertree grove below. In addition, there is a zoo and various shops and restaurants. It is an amazing experience for families and nature enthusiasts alike.

Several transport options allow visitors to reach the Gardens by the Bay. It is located near the Bayfront MRT station so you can take the Downtown Line or Circle Line to your destination. Alternatively, you can walk from Clarke and Boat Quay to the Gardens by the Bay.

Those who are keen on photography will also appreciate the beautiful nightscape views from the Skywalk. You can take advantage of the discount tickets to enjoy the breathtaking views of the city and the bay. You can also get a round-trip pass for a discounted price. This will save you both time and money.

If you’re planning to visit Singapore, don’t forget to go on the Skywalk at Singapore Gardens. The walkway is 22 meters high and offers 360-degree views of the city and Marina Bay area. It’s a great way to see the city from a different perspective. While you’re at it, be sure to check out the supertree Groove. Shuttle services are available from 10:45 to 16:45. The OCBC Skyway is another must-do at Singapore Gardens. It is a 128-meter-long walkway that is 22 meters above the ground. It gives you an unforgettable view of the beautiful scenery of Singapore.

The OCBC Skyway offers panoramic views of Singapore Gardens from a suspended walkway. This vantage point is higher than the Supertree Observatory, which means you can also catch a glimpse of the skyline of Marina Bay. In addition, the Garden Rhapsody light show can be viewed from here.

Admission fee

Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. The park is known for its beautiful gardens and interior and exterior structures. Its admission fees are relatively affordable and a great way to spend a day in the city. During the day, the Gardens by the Bay are open for visitors. At night, visitors can take in the breathtaking view of Marina Bay by taking the OCBC Skyway. To purchase tickets to Gardens by the Bay.

The Gardens by the Bay is located in the city’s center and spans 101 acres. More than 1.5 million plants are growing there. The Flower Dome is the largest glass greenhouse in the world, while the Cloud Forest contains the tallest indoor waterfall. The gardens are spread over three levels, each with its theme. There are also three waterfront gardens. In addition, the Sun Garden is home to hundreds of hanging Fuschias and other tropical plants.

Admission to Singapore Gardens is free for children and adults under three. However, standard entry to the Cooled Conservatories and the Flower Dome costs SGD28 for adults and SGD15 for children aged three to 12. Tickets to the OCBC Skyway, which overlooks the gardens, cost SGD8 for adults and SGD4 for children. There are also special rates for senior citizens and Singapore residents. Audio tours are also available at the Gardens.

Gardens by the Bay is part of a major project to make Singapore a more beautiful and green city. It is comprised of three waterfront gardens and several conservatories. Visitors can view local plants and flora from colder regions and even climb the OCBC Skyway. There are also many fun activities for children at the Far East Organization Children’s Garden.

The gardens cover 101 hectares and include the Flower Dome, the Cloud Forest, and the Supertree Grove. The Flower Dome is worth the admission price, and the Cloud Forest is also worth exploring. This beautiful garden is divided into different levels, each with its theme. If you’re planning to visit the Gardens by the Bay, you can find discounted tickets on Traveloka.

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