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The Different Types of Shapewear

The Different Types of Shapewear

Did you know that 91% of American women feel unhappy with their body and diet to try and change their body shape?

A probable reason for this insecurity is that only 5% of women naturally have a body shape similar to the body type usually portrayed by mainstream media.

Fortunately, every body is ‘beach-body ready,’ and it’s important to love yourself regardless of your lumps and bumps. However, if you want to feel sleeker and dress up, shapewear can help you feel extra sexy.

Read on to find out more about the types of shapewear you can buy.

Shaping Briefs and Thongs

Think of ‘granny pants’ made better, and you’ve got one of the most popular types of women’s shapewear. Effectively they’re briefs that reach up to your belly button, and they’re perfect for hiding extra belly fat.

However, if you’re concerned about visible underwear lines at the back, you can buy the same product as a thong.

Shaping Shorts

Shorts are perfect for those with thicker thighs; not only do they make them appear smaller, but they also prevent any thigh chaffing (an affliction only some will understand).

However, make sure to buy the correct size. If you purchase shaping shorts that are too small, expect an annoying fat bulge above the knee where the shorts end.

If you’d like to wear a dress with your shaping shorts, don’t worry. Most brands have an option for mini-shorts that are entirely undetectable underneath a dress.

Shaping Bodysuits

The bodysuit is one of the shapewear styles that’s great for an all-around smaller or smoother appearance. Much like any other bodysuit, it starts as a bra and finishes as knickers.

However, it’ll provide bust support and be cinched at the waist, helping you achieve the perfect hourglass figure.

You can shop at She’s Waisted for the widest range of high-quality shaping bodysuits.

Shaping Slip Dress

This is one of the ultimate shapewear types for anyone who wants a smoother appearance but can still go to the toilet without taking ten minutes.

Many shapewear brands offer dress alternatives. It gives you the same coverage as a standard shapewear bodysuit but finishes in a slim skirt rather than shorts or underwear.

You can also buy a ‘half slip’ that finishes at the start of the bra line if you’d prefer to wear your own bra.

Types of Shapewear for Every Lump and Bump

Before signing off, let us remind you every lump and bump you have is beautiful! There’s no need to cover up.

However, if you do want to feel super sleek and sexy, the option is always there. With several types of shapewear available, you can drastically alter how any part of your body appears (and still enjoy your food without dieting).

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