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The CNBC Website

CNBC is the world’s leading business news network. During the day, it covers global financial markets and provides real-time analysis. At night, it produces business and financial-themed documentaries and reality shows.

Its high overall score reflects strong performance along The Factual’s key metrics. It has high author expertise scores and cites many sources in its articles. It also tends to use neutral language and balanced reporting.


The news section of CNBC is designed to offer a comprehensive business and market news experience. It includes real-time quotes, breaking news, and CNBC TV and video. Users can also find market data, global economic indicators, and investing tools. The site also features expert analysis and commentary.

The website allows users to subscribe to CNBC Pro, a premium service that provides real-time quotes and access to the network’s programming. It also offers customized alerts, stock watchlists, and live audio. CNBC Pro is available through most cable and satellite providers, including Comcast and Dish.

Users can also watch free clips, and full episodes of popular CNBC shows, such as Mad Money with Jim Cramer, Jay Leno’s Garage, West Texas Investors Club, Restaurant Startup, and Shark Tank. The app also offers a customizable video playlist and AirPlay, which enables users to play their favorite videos on HDTVs using Apple TV wirelessly.

Getting the latest business news is essential for any investor, and CNBC’s journalists cover the latest market trends. Whether it is the impact of new technology or the latest corporate scandal, CNBC’s reporters provide unbiased, accurate information to help investors make informed decisions.

The site is available online and through mobile devices, allowing investors to stay on top of the markets anytime. In addition to providing breaking business and financial news, CNBC’s websites feature expert interviews, live streaming of CNBC TV, and blogs. The site also offers a range of tools and calculators to help users manage their investments.

As traditional media consumption continues declining, CNBC aims to engage its audience across all digital platforms. To do so, it must create a digital distribution model that promotes media diversity and gives its customers the content they want through various formats. This will allow it to reach a wider audience while remaining relevant in the marketplace. Moreover, it will help the company increase revenue and expand its presence in the digital media space. The CNBC website offers a branded and seamless user experience that complements the television channel.


CNBC is a leading business news network that provides real-time financial market coverage. The network has a global reach and features 14 hours of live programming daily, including breaking news, market-moving events, interviews with top investors and entrepreneurs, and shows that provide insight and analysis for the business world.

CNBC’s markets section offers news and analysis on stock, bond, commodity, and currency markets. It also features market performance charts and data. The site is available on multiple desktop, mobile, and tablet platforms. The website is free to use, although ads are displayed on the page.

The CNBC website features an extensive video library, with three to eight hours of web-exclusive live video programming daily. The site also includes industry and topic-specific blogs and has a robust collection of investing tools. The website also hosts a variety of business conferences and events.

Unlike other business news websites, the CNBC site is easy to navigate and has an intuitive layout. It features a transparent, consistent color scheme and a large, engaging image that instantly grabs visitors’ attention. The website also has a search function that allows users to find specific content quickly.

Online video is becoming increasingly important as the internet continues to dominate traditional media. CNBC has kept up with the trend by optimizing its mobile app for iOS devices. The updated version of the app offers improved video streaming and a customizable experience. It also features a new personalized stock watch list and playlist feature.

In addition to enhancing the user experience, the new app also helps businesses maximize revenue. The enhanced video capabilities offer more advertising opportunities and can help increase brand awareness. The updated CNBC app also supports jQuery, a JavaScript library that simplifies HTML document traversal, event handling, animating, and Ajax interaction. This tool can be used to increase the functionality of a website without increasing its size or bandwidth.

CNBC is a division of NBCUniversal and has offices worldwide. It is headquartered in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. The network has a reputation for being the most reliable source of real-time market and business news. Ad Fontes Media has rated its reliability and impartiality.


The CNBC website is the world’s recognized leader in business news and real-time financial market coverage. It features 14 hours of live business programming each weekday, three to eight hours of web-exclusive video programming daily, industry and topic-specific blogs, live streaming (long-form scheduled programming of events), charts, and investing tools.

The website aims to provide an immersive experience that maximizes the site’s content through multi-platform delivery, including mobile devices and streaming services. It also serves as a platform to support the development of new services and offerings. The site is designed to work with various third-party technology solutions, including JavaScript, jQuery, and Ajax. The company’s technology partners include Akamai, Verizon, NS1, and Proofpoint.

As traditional media usage declines and internet usage rises, CNBC/com will continue leveraging a strong branded presence across various digital platforms. In addition, it will offer more specialized, subscription-based media services to its audience.

In response to a user preference for personalized content, CNBC redesigned its iOS universal app to include enhanced video offerings and a playlist experience. The app also features free clips of popular shows such as Mad Money with Jim Cramer and full episodes of prime-time shows like The Profit, Jay Leno’s Garage, West Texas Investors Club, and Shark Tank. The app is also equipped with AirPlay capabilities which allow users to stream video content to their HDTV wirelessly.

The company’s core audience comprises investors/viewers who rely on CNBC to stay current on the global markets. This audience includes investment banks, trading floors, and hedge funds highly loyal to the network’s 14-hour-a-day business news coverage. In addition, CNBC reaches out to the burgeoning day-trading community and the casual consumer/investor audience. The company’s audience is considered well-educated and affluent.


CNBC is the recognized world leader in business news and real-time financial market coverage. It is available to more than 355 million people per month. The network produces 14 hours of live business programming each weekday. During the day, you can find breaking news and real-time market analysis from the New York Stock Exchange floor. CNBC offers a mix of reality programs and exclusive in-house documentaries at night.

The customer is an investor or viewer who needs fast, reliable information to make critical financial decisions. CNBC targets this demographic through its branded content and the use of technology to enable its audience to interact dynamically with online services. The company has a robust monetization model through advertising, premium Internet-based services, and its relationship with Comcast.

In addition to the latest news and analysis, the website’s business section features three-to-eight hours of web-exclusive live video programming daily, industry and topic-specific blogs, and investing tools. The company also provides free podcasts and streaming of live events. Its content covers all aspects of the global economy, from consumer and business trends to the newest technologies in the workplace.

CNBC has also made improvements to its mobile applications. The all-new iOS app features an enhanced, immersive and personalized experience. The app enables users to track stocks and markets with interactive charts. Users can create customized watch lists for various criteria, including specific stocks, sectors, and industry groups. The user can also access the latest news and videos and stream full episodes of popular shows like Mad Money with Jim Cramer and Restaurant Startup. The app also offers the option of AirPlay, enabling users to play video from the app on their HDTVs wirelessly.

The company has also improved its mobile app by integrating social media and offering additional live-streaming options. These upgrades will help to boost engagement and retention among its target audience. Additionally, the redesign will provide a better viewing experience for users on smaller devices.