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Real Estate News Sources

Real estate news websites can be a great source of information for property investors. However, it is essential to remember that they are business-driven and may contain inaccurate information.

The best real estate news sources will be able to provide accurate and updated information. Here are some of the top choices: Inman, The Mortgage Reports, HousingWire, and Trulia.


Real estate news websites can help real estate agents keep up with the latest trends in their industry. They can also provide helpful marketing tips and educational materials for new and aspiring real estate agents. They can also be a great source of information about mortgages, housing markets, and financing. However, it is essential to remember that many websites are business-driven and may not always be accurate. Additionally, some real estate news sites can be misleading and partisan. As a result, it is essential to be aware of the differences between reputable and non-reputable real estate news sources.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) website is an excellent place to start for real estate industry news. The site updates daily and covers a wide range of topics. This includes economic news, real estate market trends, and forecasts. In addition to the leading NAR site, there are several special sections for different industry segments. These include Culture Scan – Real estate and pop culture news; NAR en Espaol – Real estate topics with Spanish speakers in mind; Economists’ Outlook – Real estate statistics and research; and Styled, Staged & Sold – Real estate trends and staging tips.

Inman is a leading source of real estate news for the residential market. It offers a variety of resources for real estate professionals, including webinars and training programs. Its articles offer practical insights for homebuyers and sellers, and it has an excellent reputation for accuracy. It also has a wide selection of real estate podcasts.

HousingWire is another reliable source of real estate news. The site covers various topics, from local and national real estate trends to mortgage rates. It also features a blog examining the latest real estate and mortgage news.

If you’re looking for more serious real estate news, check out the Wall Street Journal. This site provides in-depth reporting on the industry’s latest trends and developments. Its articles cover everything from financing tips to industry-leading advice for agents and brokers.

The Mortgage Reports

Real estate professionals must have a finger on the pulse of local and nationwide trends. They must keep up with mortgage rates, financing tips, and other industry news. They must also know the latest real estate technology tools and strategies. These sites can help them stay ahead of the curve and provide valuable information to their clients.

The Mortgage Reports is a real estate finance blog that updates mortgage rates and provides a forecast each week. The free website includes articles, podcasts, and video interviews with real estate and mortgage industry experts. The website also offers a free mortgage calculator, which helps people determine how much they can afford to spend on a home.

Another great source of real estate news is HousingWire. This site is like the Associated Press for the real estate industry, covering everything from GSEs to CFPB regulations. It also covers brokerage news, market stats, and new technologies. It is also an excellent resource for commercial real estate news. It is worth noting that the site also has a large community of agents and brokers.

NotoriousROB is a well-known opinion maker and industry voyeur. He is an industry insider and often reflects on events such as MLS consolidation and politics at NAR. He and his team have been at this for over a decade, and their observations are incredibly insightful.

The Wall Street Journal is a leading business publication with over 10 million readers. They have more people, publications, and websites than any other business media organization. The newspaper strongly focuses on real estate, and its reporters are highly respected. They are known for their deep reporting and accurate information.

WSJ is an excellent source of NYC real estate news, especially for investors and professionals looking for a competitive edge in their markets. They constantly look for undervalued properties, and their editorial content is very informative. They are also the best source of information about new construction and upcoming developments.

Many other real estate news sources exist, but the above five are an excellent place to start. Each site has something unique to offer, so you should take the time to review each one. Once you find a few that meet your needs, check them regularly.


As a real estate professional, keeping up with the latest news in your market is essential. But with so much content out there, finding a reliable source can be overwhelming. Luckily, some great online resources can help you stay up-to-date on everything from property development to coworking trends. These sites can provide the information you need to make informed investment and plan decisions.

Inman: This site is the most comprehensive news source in commercial real estate. It covers various topics, including breaking news, market intelligence, custom research, proprietary rankings, deal analysis, profiles, and trends. It also offers a variety of webinars and conferences. It requires a subscription to access most of its content but is worth the investment for real estate professionals.

Curbed: This New York-based website is one of the best sources for NYC real estate news. Their reporters take the time to dig deep into their stories and often write heavily researched pieces, such as “One in Four of NYC’s New Luxury Apartments is Unsold.” They also offer several helpful guides for new homebuyers.

The Mortgage Reports: This site offers up-to-date real estate and mortgage financing news, including current interest rates and forecasts. Its contributors include both real estate and financial industry experts. It also covers real estate news from a national perspective. Its articles are a must-read for real estate agents and investors.

Realty Biz News: This blog covers a wide range of real estate topics, from marketing strategies to tips for buying and selling homes. It is updated daily and is written by industry professionals. It also features advice for buyers, sellers, and renters.

CRE Tech: This site features the latest real estate technology and trends. It offers a curated list of the top news stories and various blogs on real estate technology. It is also a good resource for CRE professionals to learn about new tools and technologies.

CRETech is a leading magazine in the field of real estate technology. Its editors have years of experience in the industry and publish a wide range of articles on real estate technology and trends. The magazine also hosts an annual conference called Inman Connect, a must-attend event for real estate professionals.


Real estate news is essential for everyone involved in the real estate business, from home buyers and sellers to lenders and brokers. It can inform you of new laws and regulations affecting your business and provide valuable tips and tricks for attracting clients and selling homes faster. However, finding suitable real estate news sources to meet your needs is essential. Some websites offer quick and concise summaries, while others provide in-depth analysis and insights into the industry.

Inman is the best resource for real estate technology news, but it requires a subscription and doesn’t cover all aspects of the industry. Its content includes interviews with industry leaders, articles on the latest tools and technologies, and an annual convention. Inman is also known for its podcasts and webinars, which are great for keeping up with the latest trends in real estate.

Another good real estate news source is HousingWire, which provides breaking news and mortgage market updates from a professional perspective. The site features information on GSEs like Fannie Mae, regulations from the CFPB, startup funding, brokerage news, and market stats. It also has a section for articles on real estate technology news, proptech, and venture capital.

The Wall Street Journal is another excellent source of real estate news. It reports on the latest industry trends and highlights major deals by significant players. In addition to commercial real estate news, the WSJ offers in-depth reporting on local NYC real estate.

Other real estate news sites include NREI, which offers a bottom-up approach to real estate trends in different cities and neighborhoods. It also does an excellent job of synthesizing major trends into entertaining listicles. Curbed is another popular real estate news source that covers a wide range of topics, including demographics, urban planning, and neighborhood culture.

Another top real estate news source is Bisnow, which covers commercial and industrial real estate. Its e-newsletters feature industry-specific news, events, and trends. Its e-newsletters are targeted to investors, owners, tenants, and other professionals in the real estate industry. In addition to its e-newsletters, Bisnow hosts industry events and produces videos, podcasts, and webinars.