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The Best Garden and Driveway Curb Appeal Ideas

The Best Garden and Driveway Curb Appeal Ideas

Did you know that home prices across America rose by 19.2% in January 2022? Right now, most homes on the market typically sell in less than two weeks.

This is great news for homeowners across the country as home values continue to increase. But is your house the best on the block? Whether you are looking to sell or choosing to stay in your home, investing in curb appeal can totally transform a home.

If you are wondering about how to boost your home value, there are a number of easy ways to increase your curb appeal. Keep reading to discover new garden and driveway curb appeal ideas.

What Is Curb Appeal?

Curb appeal is a home’s first impression. Residential properties with great curb appeal usually include tasteful exterior decoration, gardens, and landscaping.

Curb appeal improvements can be easy and cheap. For example, replacing old hardware, installing window boxes, painting your front door, adding porch seating, and installing outdoor lighting can quickly add charm.

There are also longer-term projects that can immediately boost home value. Updating your exterior with new paint and installing different types of siding transforms the overall look of a home.

Garden Curb Appeal Ideas

Landscaping that features colorful flowers or lush greenery is an easy way to make a big impact. It’s also a great way to improve biodiversity in your neighborhood by attracting pollinators and planting native plants.

Keeping a garden tidy is essential for improving curb appeal. When starting out, remove all the weeds and dead plants. Once you have a relatively blank slate, focus on creating a design that has a clear focal point like a fountain, tree, or bench.

Here are a few key home landscaping ideas to consider adding:

  • Groups of planters with evergreen plants
  • A unique pathway that plays with colors, materials, and shapes
  • A garden design that has symmetry
  • A picket or wrought iron fence
  • Bright colors and shrubbery that compliment your home

Driveway Curb Appeal Ideas

Dressing up your driveway is a pretty and practical project. No matter how you use your driveway, creating distinct boundaries between paved and unpaved surfaces can improve a property’s aesthetic.

A simple first step is to kill weeds, repair cracks, and remove stains. Depending on the design of the driveway, consider adding flagstones or staining the concrete.

You can also consider widening your driveway with a decorative border. With the additional space, you can add:

  • Pockets of planted shrubs
  • A border of matching trees
  • A curbstone setting
  • Large containers of plants
  • Ornamental rocks to mark an edge

The Best Garden and Driveway Curb Appeal Ideas

Improving your home’s curb appeal is a smart investment. When exploring garden and driveway curb appeal ideas, it’s a great idea to start simple and stick to your personal aesthetic. Remember a few small touches can transform your home in a big way.

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