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The Best Food in Town NYC

There’s plenty of delicious cuisine in town. From pastrami sandwiches at Katz’s Deli to Nutella pancakes at Bubby’s, there’s something delicious waiting to be experienced by every palate.

Since COVID-19 ended nearly three years ago, NYC’s restaurant scene is back to normal. From new genres like Contento to traditional mainstays like Lucali’s, here is our list of some of the best spots for dining out in NYC.

1. Los Tacos No. 1

There are plenty of excellent tacos available all around New York–uptown, downtown, Brooklyn, and Bronx–but nothing quite hits the spot for someone who spent his teenage years squirting rust-red salsa onto tortillas filled with carne asada from a curb truck in Topanga Canyon. He finds transcendent tacos all about simplicity: taking pleasure from the chewy interplay between hot meat and warm masa, punctuated by splashes of citrus or cilantro to elevate them to a sublime level.

Los Tacos No. 1 understands this and has done everything possible to create an inviting stall at Chelsea Market. Their friendly chefs from California and Tijuana work quickly to meet an ever-expanding line but never forget their basic service: serving tasty Mexican drinks like horchata, jamaica, and tamarindo at their pickup counter nook in big jars nearby.

Although there may be some reservations (the tortillas, for instance, are mostly made from flour and sometimes feel canvas-dry), the result speaks for itself: an expertly run restaurant serving authentic Mexican food in New York. Their fillings of chicken, pork, and beef are perfectly prepared and seasoned, making this restaurant an obvious favorite with many diners seeking authentic Mexican fare in NYC.

After placing and paying (the line moves quickly), a cook will hand you your receipt and ask which type of shell you prefer: corn or flour tortilla. Carnivores might try skirt steak or chicken; for those interested in cacti, there’s pork or grilled cacti. Once your meal is assembled, add any desired toppings, such as salsa, guacamole, onions, cilantro, or pickled radishes!

. For your first visit, two rules should always be observed. Begin your meal by ordering corn tortillas and watching how the grillers do their magic before enjoying a beverage and conversing with other patrons at the counter; it’s a great way to pass time while waiting.

2. Superiority Burger

Superiority Burger’s artisanal veggie burgers are so delicious their line resembles a concert ticket queue. But don’t just count vegetarian or veggie burgers out as good; Superiority’s is worth waiting in line for. These aren’t your standard vegetarian or veggie burgers; these artisanal veggie burgers made with natural ingredients have incredible texture, taste great, and come complete with delectable sauces and toppings. Their potato salad was light but refreshing (less mayo and plenty of dill). And their grilled collard greens sandwich was delicious, too – I will return soon enough!

Brooks Headley, a punk rock drummer and former fine-dining pastry chef, has transformed vegetarian fast food by giving it a fantastic high/low transformation at his new Superiority location, previously home of Ukrainian diner Odesa. And it shows.

At this restaurant, the chefs don paper soda hats while singing along to The Ramones; tables have flip-up seats reminiscent of White Castle; and their menu boasts a vegetarian version of their Classic. Their staff offers charming service without getting too cute or cutesy about their homage to burger history – perfect!

But the star of this show is its food! Everyone raves about their stacked, quinoa-based patties. At the same time, other vegetarian options on the menu are also delicious – such as the brisket-style mac and cheese, faux Sloppy Joe sandwich, or burnt broccoli salad! Every bite here will delight and provide more surprises than you can anticipate.

Superiority Burger offers delicious vegetarian and vegan cuisine, but for those who can’t spare an hour to wait in line, other great spots in New York cater to those without meat in their diets. Smorgasburg boasts delicious foods, while Katz Deli in East Village is famous for its pastrami; Totto Ramen has just opened a location where veggie-inspired ramen is being served up; Big Gay Ice Cream Shop (inside Big Gay and Salty Pimp ice cream shops) also offer fun treats; for even more of NYC’s top eateries be sure to check out our list of NYC top restaurants!

3. Dhamaka

Jackson Heights offers many Colombian, Malaysian, Bangladeshi, and Mexican restaurants; our pick for the best food in town NYC, though, is not a restaurant but instead serves up Bangladeshi street food known as fuchka at its food cart on 73rd St and 37 Ave for just under $10! It will leave your tastebuds wanting more!

Roni Mazumdar and Chintan Pandya have made waves in New York’s Indian food scene with a series of restaurant openings that live up to their company name: Unapologetic Indian. Semma in West Village garners plenty of press; however, their more daring older sibling, Dhamaka, opened in 2021 to showcase India’s “forgotten side,” including some unique dishes rarely found elsewhere on New York Indian menus or around the country.

Mazumdar says Dhamaka was created in response to how big-city Indian cuisine often obscures what happens in smaller Indian towns and villages. That’s why he and his team are dedicated to offering street and home-style foods together at Dhamaka from February 14 through April 18 at Essex Market (two days after indoor dining is allowed again).

At Dhamaka, fried street snacks like beguni (eggplant fritters reminiscent of McNuggets) sit alongside homey favorites such as macher jhol (tender chunks of pomfret cooked into a turmeric-laced stew) and luxurious Rajasthani khargosh — a $190 whole rabbit dish described by Pete Wells as one of Dhamaka’s crowning achievements in his enthusiastic New York Times review — that feels familiar yet unfamiliar all at the same time – one rare dish that forgoing presentation in favor of deep soulful intimacy.

4. Hudson Eats

Hudson Eats at Brookfield Place stands out as an exceptional food court experience. Instead of the dull food courts that populate malls across America, this sophisticated culinary hub houses an impressive roster of new eateries and NYC favorites – so much so that one could spend all day sampling bites from different vendors without ever leaving Brookfield Place!

Hudson Eats, located near the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, is a favorite lunch destination among visitors and locals. Offering 14 delicious choices ranging from Mighty Quinn’s BBQ standby, Mighty Quinn’s to Dos Toros stacked tacos; Black Seed Bagel to Umami Burger; salad-serving Dig Inn to veggie-focused Chop’t; as well as Cambodian sandwich option Num Pang; Hudson Eats is sure to provide something delicious!

Finding something delicious in such a bustling area can be challenging, so we suggest starting your dining adventure at Joe’s Pizza with its classic cheese slice. Each folds beautifully like they were baked intentionally with crease lines for perfect bites every time – the grease and cheese ooze right down into their center for the best experience possible.

Hudson Hil’s offers another excellent choice for quick snacks or light meals on the go. Established by two stay-at-home moms, their vision was to fill a niche in cafe cuisine that’s easy to prepare when parenting young children is also their aim. Their menu boasts hearty breakfast and lunch offerings that feel like home cooking – including high-quality ingredients in sandwiches and salads that rival any restaurant menu!

Dame is dedicated to producing delicious yet original food, from its delightful birria dishes and smoked salmon omelets to fried chicken and waffles, making Dame an unparalleled destination. While Ed Szymanski and Patricia Howard weren’t the first people serving American-Caribbean-inspired treats in the city, their efforts elevated Dame from food truck status into an ever-popular restaurant that continues to gain more loyal customers despite pandemic conditions.