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The Best Dry Cleaners Near Me in NYC

Finding an accessible dry cleaner near me is crucial, whether preparing an elegant gown for an unexpected formal event or reviving an injured suit after an accidental spillage incident. Luckily, NYC offers many convenient options when it comes to dry cleaners.

Standard dry cleaners typically use chemical solvents instead of water to clean your clothes and provide pressing services that may be hand or machine-pressed.

Bridgestone Dry Cleaners and Laundry

The BBB-accredited business provides top-quality laundry and dry cleaning services with particular garment care expertise for theatrical costumes, wedding gowns, leather, suede, fur, and other delicate fabrics. Custom alterations services are also offered. Their state-of-the-art facility employs professionals who guarantee only top-quality results.

Perc-free cleaning from this business safeguards both the environment and your clothes, thanks to their technicians using an environmentally-friendly solvent that mimics that used by home washing machines but is much safer and odorless. Furthermore, they offer convenient pick-up and delivery for busy individuals.

This family-owned and operated clothing cleaning business in Dumbo, Brooklyn, is popular with its customers due to its friendly and knowledgeable staff and efficient service. Prices are affordable while quality remains superior – an ideal solution for those needing their clothing cleaned quickly.

The company is a proud Association of Wedding Gown Specialists member and serves customers from throughout New York. It boasts an enviable track record in providing high-quality dry cleaning and preservation services for wedding dresses. Their employees have extensive training in hand cleaning, dry-cleaning, preservation techniques, and vintage gown restoration; their online ordering system lets customers track orders with their preferences set – plus, doorman-attended or unattended pickup and delivery services are also provided to customers!

Bed Bug Laundry NYC

Bed bugs are small wingless insects commonly found in bedding, although they can hide in many other places. Their small size allows them to get into many cracks and crevices and thrive among excess clutter, rugs, furniture, carpeting, and wall molding – becoming a real annoyance that needs to be dealt with immediately. We must know how best to dispose of bed bugs!

Although bed bug infestations cannot always be avoided, there are steps you can take to lessen their likelihood. One key strategy is removing all linen and clothing from your bedroom into sealed garbage bags to contain any potential bed bugs hiding there; then, bring these to a dry cleaner or laundromat for treatment.

When selecting a dry cleaner or laundromat, choose one with established protocols against bed bugs and their eggs. Such safeguards could include heat treatments designed to destroy them. When selecting one, ask what temperature your clothes will be treated at and for how long.

Laundromats may not be subject to strict regulations, but taking precautions when visiting self-service laundry facilities is wise. When placing clothes into the machine for washing, always carry them in a cloth bag; this will protect you and fellow patrons from being exposed to any uncleanliness in the facility.

Embassy Cleaners

New York-area company offering dry cleaning, laundry, and drapery services, as well as rug, carpet, and window treatment cleaning. Their technicians are expertly trained in fabrics, chemicals, and cleaning techniques – catering to residential and commercial clients alike – plus they have fireproofing and restoration capabilities!

Established in 1929, this garment care service company in Manhattan is a popular choice among residents and businesses. Utilizing an exclusive green organic wet cleaning process that is both eco-friendly and safe for workers, its dry cleaners are highly experienced at dry cleaning and experts in all alteration services; furthermore, they also offer wedding gown preservation and storage.

Hamperville is a New York City-area company offering pickup and delivery laundry and dry cleaning services. Their convenient service is ideal for people living in landmarked buildings without their washing machines and dryers; their website allows customers to track orders, set preferences, and subscribe for discounted rates – making the process straightforward and convenient for users.

Since 1984, this family-owned and operated laundry and dry cleaning business has offered pick-up and delivery for their laundry and dry cleaning. Their customers love their quality work at affordable prices. They even offer same-day pickup/delivery. Their staff is committed to customer service; any time customers have questions, they are always available to provide answers on their blog and available as resources to answer questions quickly and accurately. Furthermore, there is also a selection of green products offered here!

Morris Cleaners

Morris Cleaners has served its community for over fifty years as a family-run business dedicated to quality service and exceptional customer care. Offering dry cleaning, alterations, custom tailoring, and leather and suede cleaning, as well as professional staff specializing in leather care – Morris Cleaners prides itself in offering top-quality customer care with each transaction and commitment to providing customers with excellent experiences! Additionally, licensed and insured businesses always go the extra mile.

Selecting an experienced home cleaning Morris Park company can ease both stress and time pressures, freeing you to focus on other activities while leaving your apartment cleaner than before. Professional cleaners come equipped with all necessary equipment and supplies for thorough work while often employing eco-friendly products. Furthermore, most cleaning services mandate quick quality checks before leaving an apartment for cleaning services to provide fast quality checks before departing with their employees.

Many of NYC’s premier cleaners have operated for over 100 years. These experts in dry cleaning, laundering, and pressing specialize in treating stains, wrinkles, and odors while handling theatrical costumes, mascots, and wedding gowns. Furthermore, their services are offered in multiple languages using Perc-free cleaning processes.

Hamperville provides a convenient laundry and dry cleaning delivery service that works with both doorman-attended and unattended buildings. Customers can set recurring orders and monitor them online; the company uses natural resources in an eco-friendly, energy-efficient process; they even offer subscriber discounts! Their user-friendly website enables customers to place an order using mobile devices!

Tweeds Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaners use chemical solvents instead of water to clean clothing, unlike traditional washing machines, which utilize water-based processes. While the dry cleaning process takes longer, it is better suited for delicate fabrics and stains while being non-damaging to the environment. Furthermore, some dry cleaners also offer wet cleaning services for items that must be cleaned under water pressure.

The Tweeds Dry Cleaning in NYC uses environmentally-friendly cleaning methods that won’t damage or discolor clothing, including expert alterations, shoe repair, and washing and folding services. Furthermore, they offer leather, suede, and fur cleaning, making their service reliable and convenient for their customers.

This eco-friendly laundry and dry cleaner has served New York for over 100 years, earning itself the title “best dry cleaner in town.” They are known for their friendly, efficient staff and quality products – providing old-world service with modern-day care and cleanliness standards. In addition, this dry cleaner offers free delivery, professional pickup/dropoff, an online ordering system, and professional pickup/dropoff. This company is an ideal option for an excellent dry cleaner near me in NYC.