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The 3-Headed Monster Tour

This fall, The 3-Headed Monster Tour will make its way across several cities, starting in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and ending up in Florida. Starting in Bridgeport with three NY rappers (Handguns and London Falling as supporting acts).

Juggalos, beware – Violent J, Esham, and Ouija Macc are back to bring us an all-out hip-hop horror show! Violent J, Esham & Ouija Macc have returned on this 2nd leg of their Rampage to unleash their Wicked Ways once again!

Big Head Todd & The Monsters

Big Head Todd and the Monsters has been an acclaimed band for decades. Selling millions of tickets and garnering immense popularity, the group boasts numerous hit songs that audiences love hearing live. Big Head Todd and the Monsters serve as an exemplary model of how hardworking, dedicated bands can find success in the music industry; its members include Todd Park Mohr (vocals and guitar), Jeremy Lawton (keyboards and saxophone), Brian Nevin (drums) and Rob Squires (bass guitar).

In 1986, this band started performing around Colorado clubs, quickly earning them a significant following among fans and eventually playing in larger venues. Their 1993 album Sister Sweetly went platinum and cemented them as an authority rock band; since then, they have released live recordings as well as tribute albums.

Black Beehive is the latest release from BHTM that affirms its roots while looking ahead. Fans of blues and classic rock should appreciate this album; furthermore, their energetic live shows never fail to delight audiences at every show they play!

Big Head Todd and the Monsters’ unassuming approach has won them much of their fan loyalty while helping keep their music honest.

They have released several albums, such as Another Mayberry and Midnight Radio, while 2011’s 100 Years of Robert Johnson allowed them to explore their blues roots further and tour with Blues Traveler.

Seeing Big Head Todd and The Monsters live can be a thrilling experience; be sure to secure tickets early. General sale starts four months before any show, giving you ample time to purchase tickets before anyone else. Plus, by creating a free Bandsintown account, you’ll get alerts on upcoming tours or shows and can buy them without waiting in line at the box office! We will email you when your tickets are ready for pickup.

Blues Traveler

Blues Traveler defies categorization: their opening set captivated its audience from start to finish with old and new songs without taking breaks between songs for air – making for a fantastic evening of rock and roll at its finest! Led by harmonica master John Popper and his bandmates, this group proved hard to classify. However, Blues Traveler proved they can stand apart by performing without regard for labels in an industry driven by categories.

Big Head Todd and the Monsters proved they weren’t just there as an opener for Blues Traveler: their captivating performances of soulful vocals and guitar riffs kept audiences enthralled, getting people singing along to hit songs – leaving everyone wanting more!

Blues Traveler set off their show with “The Devil Went Down To Georgia,” quickly transitioning into their original composition through signature segues and seamless segueing techniques. From there on out, their performance consisted of old and new material, with the band keeping a constant dance beat; any gaps between songs were filled by drum or harmonica solos instead.

After a brief intermission, the band returned for an encore featuring its popular singles, such as “Run Around.” Popper’s chromatic harmonica was in fine form for this classic tune; his 42-year-old physique appears relatively healthy. While clearly an avid gun lover, he also excels on the vocal mic.

Blues Traveler recently released their latest album, Travelers Blues. Longtime collaborator Mark Knopfler produced this collection of reimagined and recharged classics from the American blues songbook, and it was well-received by critics and fans alike. Blues Traveler will tour with Big Head Todd and the Monsters this summer beginning July 6 in Vail, Colorado, before going on to Grand Junction, Colorado, Springs, Boise, Idaho shows.

Violent J

Violent J is one of the most recognizable members of Insane Clown Posse and serves as its lead rapper and co-founder of Juggalo Championship Wrestling, a professional wrestling promotion. He has cultivated an enthusiastic following known as Juggalos, who support him passionately; in recent years, he has collaborated with artists across genres, including musical theatre. Furthermore, his love for wrestling creates an even stronger bond between him and them.

Juggalos are Insane Clown Posse’s ardent followers and loyal supporters, helping the group reach great success with 17 albums released to date and tour dates continuing into 2015. Juggalos are dedicated to their band as it always pushes the boundaries of music to create new sounds that move forward their career path.

ICP will release their latest album Yum Yum Bedlam this year – their fifth Joker’s Card from their second deck and marking a departure from previous offerings of silly skits and silly songs, this offering promises a darker view into ICP’s world with more serious lyrical content.

The Kreayshawn Song from Danny Brown’s new album holds a great deal of history. Initially intended to feature female rapper Kreayshawn herself but, due to pregnancy, had to drop out; Danny Brown then took her place, giving rise to an unusual and unpredictable music video experience.

In the Hole is another dark tune from ICP; this trap track features J rapping about how he feels trapped in an ever-deepening pit of despair. This song showcases all of their members’ different sounds as an ensemble.

The final track on ICP’s track list is an acoustic rendition of In Yo Face, which offers something completely different than its original form. This version brings out more raw emotion in the song than ever before and truly showcases their range. Overall, their track list provides an accurate representation of their capabilities; I can’t wait to witness their live show again soon.

Ouija Macc

Ouija Macc is an artist of many talents: Rapper, Comedian, Poet, and Juggalo, first and foremost. Boasting dramatic visuals and bass-heavy bangers sure to turn any dance floor into an unnerving place to knit blankets, his music is both Beautiful and scary; behind its chaotic energy lies a rich spiritual message covering sadness to anger to despair all the way up until Divine wisdom and hypnotic melody – this artist indeed covers life’s spectrum!

Born and raised in low-income neighborhoods of Las Vegas, NV, he used art as an escape from reality. Surrounded by drugs and street violence, he turned to rap & performance art to channel his anger into something productive. Over time, he found refuge within the Juggalo Family, where he refined his dark style. Over that time, he released numerous mixtapes, such as TRASHFIRE, which caught ICP’s eye, leading them to sign with their label Psychopathic Records.

Gutterwater, his most recent effort since 2015’s Demon Seed EP, features a haunting trap inspired by Three 6 Mafia. From “Demon Seed”, depicting an unsettling ritual scene, to the uptempo “Ain’t No Savior”, listeners can crank their headphones all the way. His production ranges from the haunting soundscapes of Devereaux’s work through sitar-laced trap produced by Grizzle & Mythic Mindz, all coming together perfectly on Gutterwater.

No matter if you are trying to win or simply looking to have fun, this tour is sure to please all types of fans. Bring along your Juggalo friend and experience 3-Headed Monster & Obliteration LIVE!