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Super Sandwiches to Try in Newk’s Eatery

Super Sandwiches to Try in Newk’s Eatery

A lot of folks in Mississippi consider the selves lucky if they live near a Newk’s Eatery, and that’s especially true for lots of students who went to Ole Miss. It’s always a solid place to get a quick lunch, and it’s sure nice that the menu offers plenty of classic Southern cuisine. Everything here, from the meats to the garnishes, are freshly made, which explains the quality of the food. 

If you’re in a hurry, then you can always just get a sandwich here. They’re all great, especially with the condiment bar famously known as the ‘Roundtable”. You can go with a simple Sandwich Tray, a Sandwich Bundle with Caesar or Garden Salad, or you can pay $12 for half a sandwich and soup. 

But which sandwiches should you get? That’s the question, and the answer will depend greatly on who you ask. Everything’s on Parisian bread, and everything’s great. In the end, you may just want to try all the sandwiches here so you can figure out which one is the best for you. 

And here are the sandwiches you ought to try first—lots of people will tell you that they’re great:

Pimento Cheese

Yes, it might surprise some people (especially the self-proclaimed sandwich fans and experts) that this sandwich is mentioned first on this list. After all, it doesn’t even contain any sort of meat!

But this isn’t just for vegetarians, either. It’s a true Southern classic, as it’s warm, savory, and creamy. It’s perfectly peppery, and it will elevate any meal. Just add it to your order, and you’ll love it. 

The Italian

Okay, this may not be the best choice for those who are worried about sodium content. But the flavors of the cured meats here (ham, genoa salami, pepperoni) are just terrific, especially with the toppings. You also get provolone cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and onions, plus the Italian sauce, creole mustard, mayo, and hot cherry pepper relish. 

Add some more hot peppers from the fabled Roundtable, and it will really brighten up your day. 

Newk’s Q

Plenty of people say that this must be tried first, and it’s hard to argue with those people. It features all-natural chicken with bacon, along with Swiss cheese and the signature white BBQ sauce. It’s the go-to sandwich for a lot of folks, and you can’t really find it anywhere else. This will fill you up nicely for hours. 

Chicken Salad

Yes, it should be called the Chicken Salad sandwich, to avoid any confusion. After all, it’s also on Parisian bread. This features chicken salad made from scratch, and it has grapes, red onions, and pecans, plus tomatoes, lettuce, provolone cheese, and mayo. 

What’s great is that while it’s delicious when it’s warm, it’s not bad when it’s fresh out of the fridge. Buy some to stock, so you have something to enjoy for a midnight snack. 

The Boss “Q”

This is a bit different. Yes, you also have the all-natural chicken with bacon, plus the Swiss cheese and the signature white BBQ sauce. But you also get the fire and ice pickles and the coleslaw. White the Newk’s Q is simpler (and the favorite of purists), this version does have a lot more oomph to it. 

Grilled Chicken

You can always console yourself that grilled chicken is healthier than fried chicken. It’s also a solid choice that you won’t regret. What really makes this special is the honey mustard in it, which they make from scratch. It’s so good that you might want to buy lots of this honey mustard to use for marinating your chicken wings. 

Sweet & Spicy BBQ Steak

This is new on the menu, and let’s hope it becomes a mainstay. It features medium rare tenderloin steak, along with provolone, roasted jalapeños, and coleslaw, and then topped with a sweet and spicy BBQ sauce. It’s not overly spice even with the jalapeños, while the sweetness level is just right. 

Shrimp Po’ Boy

It’s virtually a crime to live (or even visit) a southern state and not try out a Po’ Boy Sandwich. According to legend, this large sandwich came about as a great way to feed striking laborers in Louisiana, back in the day. 

The version here features shrimp, along with some lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, red onion, and olive oil. It’s served with some cocktail sauce on the side, which makes it a better version of the original. 

Newk’s Club

The club sandwich is often the default order for those who can’t make up their minds about what sandwich to get. Luckily for you, the club sandwich at Newk’s is very good indeed, even though it’s not really the traditional club on toasted bread cut into triangles. It’s still on Parisian bread.

You do get an all-star cast of meats with the bacon, turkey, and ham, along with cheddar and Swiss cheese. It also comes with tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, and that fantastic honey mustard. All in all, it’s a solid option!