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Mancino’s Pizza and Grinders Holland Menu

Casual restaurant serving house-baked bread in pizzas & sandwiches as well as salads, wings & desserts.

Brian, Christi, and Liz went above and beyond their duties on 8 April 2021 by providing food for Michigan National Guard, Medical Reserve Corps staff members and volunteers as well as community volunteers. We truly appreciate their kind donation and contribution to our community!


Mancino Shops provide a selection of sandwiches or, as the locals call them, “grinders”. Originating during WWI East Coast shipyards where sandwich shops served homemade sandwiches to hardworking men grinding rivets onto metal warships, grinders now include ham, turkey, roast beef & cheese with lettuce tomatoes & mayo and steak, cheese onions green peppers black olives with lettuce tomatoes & mayo as options.

Prices and items may be subject to change at any time without prior notification.


Mancino’s salads feature fresh lettuce and garden-fresh vegetables in your choice of dressing – available at every Mancino location.

Lettuce, tomatoes, turkey, ham, salami, green pepper, black olives, and mozzarella cheese. Additionally lettuce with grilled chicken, bacon, tomato, mozzarella cheese with ranch. Lean corned beef served on garlic buttered bread with Swiss cheese sauerkraut 1000 island dressing or slice steak onion mushrooms cheese!

An Italian-style roll with your choice of meats and cheeses topped with your selection of salad, chips, and beverages. Originating on the East Coast during World War I when Italian immigrants opened lunch shops near shipyards where workers who ground off rivets on metal ships found these sandwiches popular; their workers took to calling them ‘grinders” which stuck.

The grilled chicken and Swiss sandwich has mayo on both sides; roast beef has both mayo and mustard on one side; all other components remain the same.


Pies and sandwiches here are delicious; the lasagna could use more flavor. The staff is very accommodating, pizza made fresh daily using real cheese is delicious and prices are slightly high but you get lots of food for your money.

On April 8, Brian, Christi, and Liz went above and beyond their duty by giving generously of both time and food in support of Michigan National Guard troops, Medical Reserve Corps doctors, Ottawa County Department of Public Health staff, and volunteers during a massive vaccination drive in our community. Their selfless actions truly show what true service looks like!

Grinder’s sandwich shop tradition can be traced back to WWI on the East Coast where Italian immigrants set up shops near shipyards where rivets were ground off metal warships. Their shops quickly became favorites among workers at these shipyards who became fond of calling these establishments ‘grinders’.