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Spy Band Tour Tickets – Get Them While You Still Can

Spy was formed during the pandemic and quickly rose to prominence within hardcore with their raw, fast, and frantic style. They’ve released several EPs – 2020’s Service Weapon EP and 2021’s Habitual Offender – as well as sharing a split release with Maniac last year.

Wilson’s haunted vocals add tension over deliberate, droning figures on “Ghost Light,” a track that begins slowly before gradually ramping up in intensity.

Band members

Spy is one of the hottest hardcore bands around, and their debut LP on Triple B Records proves it. After two buzzworthy EPs and a split with Maniac, Satisfaction boasts ten songs of fast, gross, hardcore punk that will leave sweat dripping down your face and your throat opening wide – don’t miss their debut album on Triple B Records!

The band developed their skills on tour, playing in packed rooms with unbridled enthusiasm. Now back with an even sharper bite, they’ve returned with even stronger fangs; starting their latest record, “Afraid of Everything,” their signature stomp is met by feedback and low-slung bass; its lyrics may be aggressive, but its signature guitar riff stands out among all others.

Spy employs their trademark choppy rhythms and rubbery bass in “Labor Dispute,” along with a dissonant guitar riff, to deliver a sonic assault that’ll leave you beaten down and exhausted.

Their sound has evolved with each release, while they have also grown as artists from a lyrical standpoint. Never shying away from using music as a medium for raising awareness on significant societal or personal struggles that we all can relate to, the band never shies away from using their art as a voice for change and meaningful conversations about important topics that resonate deeply.

After their inaugural European tour was a resounding success, Code Orange will head out again this fall with a lineup that includes Pittsburgh bruisers Spy, hardcore savages Gridiron, grunge torchbearers Soul Blind, and heavy shoegazers Teenage Wrist. Beginning in Austin before traveling across North America before concluding back home again. See below for the complete schedule.

Tour dates

Spy is set to bring its hardcore punk sound back onto the stage with a tour set to kick off this March. Their latest EP, Habitual Offender, continues the fast-lurching grind that made Service Weapon such a success; its loud music will leave you both exhausted yet exhilarated.

No matter your taste in music, there’s no doubt that alternative music has taken off over recent years. Notably, some artists within this genre have even achieved mainstream status and can draw huge crowds to shows. Their rise has even helped pioneer new genres of music like indie and metal. Live performances offer the ultimate way to experience these types of arrangements – so check out the calendar below for Spy concert dates near you.

Catch them live at venues such as San Francisco’s Fillmore Theatre and Toronto’s Mod Club – or, if you’re lucky, at a music festival! Prices of tickets to these shows depend on both venue and seat location; floor seats or VIP tickets tend to cost more than general admission tickets.

Satisfaction, their debut LP released through Triple B Records, features ten songs packed into 13 minutes – fast-paced, aggressive, and hard-hitting, just as its fans expect from them!

Spy has never shied away from exploring political issues or personal moments in their music, and with Habitual Offender, they’ve gone one step further. The 10-minute track features their signature thrashing grind but adds more of a lyrical dimension – giving listeners something worth checking out to say farewell to negativity and hopelessness.


Vivid Seats has an incredible selection of Spy concert tickets to fit the bill for both Chicago’s Pitchfork Music Festival and Brooklyn’s AFROPUNK FEST festivals, making selecting your perfect seats easy with our interactive map. Filter by price or location to narrow your search further if necessary! If alternative rock is your jam, then make sure you catch them live – they can often be found performing at events such as SXSW in Austin and Desert Daze in Moreno Valley!

Bay Area hardcore punk band Spy has quickly made an impressionful mark in the hardcore punk scene since forming, not just with their debaucherous debut EP Service Weapon or 2021’s Habitual Offender but by consistently touring their music and hosting jaw-dropping live shows that are reportedly incredible.

Today marks the release of Spy’s debut LP, Satisfaction, on Triple B Records after two highly praised EPs and a split release with Maniac. Containing ten short, fast, mean songs across less than 13 minutes, Satisfaction’s grimy hardcore punk makes for a compelling listen akin to diving into a pool full of razor blades.

Habitual Offender, the band’s latest EP, showcases that their lethal hooks from Service Weapon remain on full display. Featuring Gulch/Sunami/World Peace collaborator Charles Toshio as featured artist, Habitual Offender takes listeners on an exhilarating and brutal ride in just over 10 minutes!

Spy is known to play at various venues, from small bars to larger arenas. Their concert ticket prices typically fall under $50; tickets to major festivals like Lollapalooza and Coachella may cost more. You can buy these tickets either online or from an authorized ticketing agent; doing so ensures you will not get scammed!


Hardcore band Spy made headlines after they released their debut EP, Service Weapon, in 2020 and quickly began garnering fans online and at shows. When they arrived for their inaugural Kansas City show a month later, it was like witnessing a tornado rip through their humble venue; noses were bleeding while crowd members needed refreshments or fresh air.

Habitual Offender will be released on October 1st by To Live a Lie Records and continues the band’s acclaimed debut release with six tracks of relentless rock, from white-knuckle riffs to fierce lyrics that confront social issues such as police brutality while simultaneously criticizing American imperialism.

Habitual Offender features songs brimming with righteous fury that are sure to leave an indelible mark on fans and solidify the band as a force to be reckoned with in years to come. Their dedication is evident in each caustic instrumental tumult and pointed lyric, and live; they unleash their aggression with gusto into an impressive torrent of sound that will leave your head spinning and your heart racing!

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