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Sky View Dubai – The Latest Attraction in The Desert City

You can enjoy the panoramic views of the surrounding landscape from the top of the Sky View Hotel. Standing at 219.5 m above ground level, this is one of the latest skyscrapers to attract all the tourists in Dubai. You can visit Sky View Dubai today and enjoy the surreal sights and sounds of the place. Watch the horizon as the sun sets in the sublime sky. You will be able to engage in three to four different experiences at the Sky View Hotel.

The twin 50-storied plus dual towers connected by a skywalk offer an experience like no other. The 52nd and 53rd floors are where all the magic happens. Feel the thrill in the air as you take your ride upwards in the glass elevator from ground zero. Engage in the 25-m glass floor walk, which offers the best glimpses of the modern architectural marvel city.

It is located in Downtown Dubai, beside Dubai Mall. It is an 8-minute ride from the city center. After you are done with all the adventure, you can also enjoy a meal at the best rooftop restaurants in Downtown Dubai. It will be the perfect accompaniment on this trip. Sky View is a phenomenal work of engineering and craftsmanship. More than 300 engineers worked on it to make it the delight it is today.

Visit Sky View Dubai for The Skyview Observatory

Sky View Dubai has an Observatory that is situated approximately 219.5 m above the ground. You can enjoy the most surreal views of the majestic landscape along with the Burj Khalifa. Moreover, you can also enjoy the views of the Dubai Fountain. Tourists and locals love to spend time at the Skyview Observatory. The floor has a 25-m glass floor for you to walk on. You might face long queues at the booking counters, so booking in advance will be a good decision. You can add more fun to your itinerary with other adventures.

Glass Chute Ride

Additionally, a glass slide takes you to the 52nd and 53rd floors, where all the magic happens. The glass ride is another ethereal adventure at the hotel. The chute winds around the exterior of the building connecting the 52nd and 53rd floors. While you are in it, you can simply watch the never-ending delights the landscape has on offer.

Walk On the Edge

If you have ever wanted to hang from a cliff this is your chance to do so. However, the settings may just be different. You can now walk on the ledge of the observatory with all the right precautions. You will experience an adrenaline rush like no other. Furthermore, it is a great adventure for all those who are fearless. It is on the 53rd level. The only requirement is that you have got to be within 100 kg and sensible enough to enjoy the adventure.

Have A Meal at Panorama 52 Restaurant

If you are done with all the adventure, you must be feeling hungry. Now, you can satiate your hunger with a meal at Panorama 52. It is an American Fine Dining restaurant in the town. Enjoy the best views of the city’s skyline from the restaurant. The restaurant will open in 2022. Get ready to enjoy a vast spread with delicacies such as burgers, starters, and desserts. While having your food, look with awe at Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Fountains, and Downtown. Sky View Dubai is your go-to place, this holiday.

More Details for the Sky View Dubai Tour

You can book several packages for off-time visits, peak-time visits, and also go for the Sky View Observatory plus personal transfers from the hotel. Packages start from AED 55-699. You can make the booking online as well as offline. With an online booking, you are saved from queues. The attraction is quite popular with locals and tourists alike, so you might not get tickets during holidays and peak periods. So, it is best to get your vouchers online and redeem them for tickets at the gate. Moreover, you ought to be in perfect health to make it to the top and enjoy it there. It is open from 10 am-9 pm, but any activity may get canceled due to extreme weather conditions.

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