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Should Istanbul be on your bucket list?

When people think European vacation packages – they often think of Paris, London & Rome.

But what if there was a place oozing with culture, history, great food, and people that were just a bit more off the beaten path, but still in Europe? And what if that place was unbelievably affordable and increasingly easier to get to? Good news – that place exists and it’s called Istanbul!

While there are several great places to vacation in Turkey (including Antalya, Cappadocia & More) – Istanbul is the city you can’t miss. Straddling Europe & Asia on the Bosporus – controlling access to the Black Sea, this capital city formerly known as Constantinople (you know the song!) offers up something for everyone.

Want amazing photographs? Check out the Blue Mosque or Hagia Sophia – located close to one another they are religious architectural marvels. Head over to the Topkapi Palace and tour the grounds – with or without your harem. Still, craving more? Check out the city views from the Galata Tower or encounter your spiritual essence at the Basilica Cistern. Or maybe cheer on the runners of the Istanbul Marathon.

Leave time and room for a Turkish traditional dinner or kebab platter. Cap it off with some Turkish ice cream, coffee, or baklava. Head back to your hotel and share stories of the amazing day you’ve just had. And of course, there are several cool day trips you can always take out into the Turkish countryside.

With Istanbul travel deals being incredibly affordable, there’s no reason not to give it a try!

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