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Ramsay Goes Behind the Scenes at Olde Hitchching Post Restaurant & Tapas Bar

Tom Kessaris

After the passing of Tom Kessaris, Andrea and Spiro Garnavos took over the Olde Hitching Post restaurant and tavern. Andrea is the daughter of Tom Kessaris, who had owned the business for many years. Andrea has been a chef and restaurant manager and is eager to run her family’s favorite local eatery.

The Olde Hitching Post restaurant & tavern by Thomas Kessaris is a small family business located in Hanson, Massachusetts. The restaurant was purchased by Tom Kessaris, a Greek restaurateur, for his daughter Andrea. Tom Kessaris supports the restaurant with his own savings. He picks Ramsay up at the train station and gives him a tour of the restaurant. The restaurant serves mostly American food, but also has some Greek dishes.

Gordon Ramsay

In this second installment of the series, Ramsay goes behind the scenes of a Massachusetts tavern, the Olde Hitching Post Restaurant & Tapas Bar. Tom, a successful restaurateur, bought the establishment in 2005 for his daughter Andrea. However, he has not allowed her to take charge of the business, and the staff has grown tired of him. Even though Tom is the owner of two other successful restaurants, he can’t seem to find a formula for success in the Olde Hitching Post.

Gordon is faced with a difficult situation at the bistro, as the owners are rude and uncooperative. In addition, the menu is overpriced for the area, and the kitchen is serving up bad food. Gordon must make quick decisions to save the restaurant, or else it will be forced to close.


The restaurant is owned by Andrea and Spiro Garnavos. The restaurant was originally owned by Tom Kessaris, who passed it on to his daughter, Andrea. Tom had retired from his restaurant business but had some experience running successful restaurants and wanted to give Andrea a shot. The restaurant features mostly Greek and American dishes.

The Kessaris family has a long history in the restaurant business. Tom bought the Olde Hitching Post for his daughter Andrea in 2005. Andrea has long wanted to take over the restaurant but Tom is denying her request. The restaurant has suffered from Tom’s controlling ways and the staff has become tired of his strictness. Although Tom is a successful restaurateur, he can’t figure out the right recipe for success at Olde Hitching Post.

Yelp reviews

While many of the Yelp reviews of Olde Hitching Post restaurant & tavern are positive, some are less positive. Currently, it has around 3.5 stars, but the ratings have gone down over the past few months, with an average of 4.0 stars. There have also been complaints about the staff, which seems to be the main issue at Olde Hitching Post.

The Olde Hitching Post Restaurant & Tavern was featured on Kitchen Nightmares Season 6 episode 7. You can check out Yelp reviews of the restaurant and see what other people are saying about it. Andrea was always interested in owning a restaurant, but her husband Tom has become the de facto dish dictator. The staff has become aware of this problem, but they’re willing to make the changes necessary to keep the Olde Hitching Post running smoothly.

Nettle Meadow

“The Old Hitching Post” is a Lake Luzerne landmark that is now a cheese shop. The building was originally a dude ranch dining hall built in the late 1930s. Over the years it has also been a bar, hotel, general store, and restaurant. Now, the Tasting Room Tavern offers a menu featuring its award-winning cheeses. The cheese shop also offers wine and craft beer tastings and cheese-focused lunch and dinner specials.

The retail shop and the Tavern Tasting Room are open seven days a week, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The restaurant is also open on Sundays for brunch.


The Olde Hitching Post is a re-imagined pub and restaurant. Founded as a coffee shop in the 1950s, the restaurant has expanded into a full-service dining establishment. The old, historic building is now clean and blue and features new, innovative menu items. The owners, Lori, and Jason Cook are also the owners of AB Tent Rental, a business that provides free tents to DARE participants.

Andrea has always wanted to run her own restaurant. She explains to Ramsay that she is up to the challenge. Although she misses one salmon, the rest of the service goes well. Andrea explains that she is happy to take on the responsibilities of running a small business. Tom then declares that he is passing the Olde Hitching Post down to her.

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