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Payback Ltd Review – a Company That Can Return Money Lost to Crypto Scams

The proliferation of crypto scam artists on social media platforms is a phenomenon that many security experts predicted before such criminal activities became widespread. Payback Ltd is one of the companies that has been working to recover money lost to crypto scams for several years now with many of its current employees representing security experts who have been warning us about the coming wave of crypto crimes that would be rampant on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

These social media platforms grant users relative anonymity and the ability to contact people who may be susceptible to external influence directly. By using sophisticated schemes to trick people who do not have much experience with investments or the inner workings of the crypto industry, new-age criminals manage to steal millions of US dollars. The annual loss to crypto scammers in the US alone is evaluated at roughly $155 million.

What if you fell victim to a scammer who pretended to be a representative of a crypto company or otherwise deceived you? While many people think that they have to swallow the humiliation and go on with their lives, it is a much better idea to contact Payback Ltd. This company specializes in recovering money that was lost to crypto scammers. Continue reading our Payback Ltd review to learn more about it.

How Payback Ltd catches scammers

Regular users of the internet who do not understand technology on a deep level usually have to oppose views of anonymity:

  1. One group believes that you can completely change who you are on the internet and no one can track you down if you are careful enough.
  2. The second group thinks that an expert in cyber security or internet technologies can use tech-wizardry and find anyone in a matter of days.

Both are wrong. Everyone who uses the internet leaves a digital footprint that can be read by trained experts. However, some people are very good at hiding their identity by not only using the supposed anonymity of social media platforms, but also by employing tools like Virtual Private Networks, TOR browsers, and more. Very careful criminals can escape any exposure and, indeed, getaway.

The vast majority of scammers are represented by people without such in-depth know-how who usually leave enough footprints for an experienced investigator to latch on. Payback Ltd has a team of professionals who use unconventional online research methods to read blockchain networks, access databases, and other sources of information to track down scammers.

What do you need to produce to help Payback Ltd?

The company has a great track record and has some of the best investigators in the whole industry. However, it still needs specific information about you and your communications with the scammer. You will need to provide some data to the company so that it could do its job effectively:

  • Your personal information such as credentials for some specific platforms, full access to message history, and other information from social media.
  • Documents that may be relevant to the case (exchanged documents, agreements, contracts, etc.), screenshots of communications, receipts, and more.
  • If the scam occurred on the blockchain, you will need to provide your wallet address, transaction details, and other relevant information.

Other bits of helpful information could be extremely valuable as well. Your recollection of the incident, tricks used by scammers, and other meaningful details are often revealed during an interview conducted by a representative of Payback Ltd during the initial stages of the investigation process. You should try to remember everything and produce as many pieces of evidence as possible to increase your chances of getting your money back!

The main takeaway

One of the best things about Payback Ltd is that it can help where law enforcement units are usually helpless and cannot do anything. If you invested in a sketchy crypto project, lost money by trusting someone on social media, or otherwise were wronged when engaging with any aspect of the crypto industry, make sure to contact Payback Ltd! They will help you recover money!

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