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5 Important Questions for You to Ask When You Need to Book a Private Jet

A private jet brings homely comfort, tons of luxuries, and top-notch privacy but there are a lot of other things about a private jet that you are still unaware of. JetLevel is always focused to promote customer-friendly policies. That’s why we want our passengers to be well-informed about every aspect from air traveling rules to private jet amenities. JetLevel is determined by the idea that well-knowledged passengers come up with a better traveling experience. If you have any queries about private jet charters you can ask without thinking twice.

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So, we want you all to read this precious piece of information before booking a private jet.

1. Can I Know More in Detail About the Condition of My Private Jet Charter?

Yes, if you have booked a private jet you can ask in detail about the condition and features of a private jet charter. Our customer support team is obligated to provide you with all the information about your flight itinerary.

You can choose the private jet charter from the available options as per your travel demands such as:

  • Distance of your journey.
  • Size of group or number of passengers.
  • Timing of your departure.
  • Amenities you want during travel.
  • Destination whether it is a busy spot or a remote area.

All these factors influence the type of private jet aircraft for your air travel. Once you have made your final decision about the type of private jet now you are free to ask. Our staff has the knowledge to answer your every query and give proper solutions for all the confusion you are having regarding your next trip.

2. What is the Experience and Training Status of Your Pilots and Other Crew?

JetLevel works with some of the most experienced and certified pilots in the industry. Our pilots stand with higher criteria set by FAA and hold the ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) certificate. All pilots in our network already have a valid ATP certificate, which is the highest level of pilot training. It is the same qualification that commercial airline pilots must have. That’s how our staff stands taller among others thus JetLevel becomes a reliable aircraft firm.

Then, to be the captain of a charter flight, a pilot must have a total flying experience of at least 3,000 hours, with at least half of those hours as the Pilot in Command. In addition, the captain must have a First Class Medical certificate and at least 250 hours of time-in-type for the aircraft model they are flying. Our all pilots are equipped with years of experience thus their abilities completely align with the standard criteria set by FAA.

3. Is the Aircraft Own an Insurance Policy?

You must not overlook this aspect before hiring a private jet charter for your air travel. This is a must thing for every aircraft as insured private jets are safe to travel with. Whenever an aircraft is insured an insurance certificate is granted to it. The tail number of the private jet is mentioned on the insurance certificate. Hence, whenever you are going to charter a private jet for your next air travel ask for the insurance certificate of the jet and match the tail number of your jet with the one mentioned on the certificate. That’s why JetLevel allows you to ask whatever you want to and our professionals will always go the extra mile to offer you the best guidance!

4. Does the FAA designate your jet under the supervision of the operator?

FAA has imposed strict rules to keep passengers’ and aircraft safety high during air travel. Every operator must possess D085 which represents aircraft registration status with the FAA to ensure safety. D085 will represent the tail number of the plane you have enquired about. If you enter this number on the FAA website it gives you accurate information regarding

  • Jet manufacturing date
  • Registration status of aircraft
  • Aircraft Type

We anticipate that our network of operators and aircraft will be completely and legally registered with the FAA and will have the necessary documents to verify it for you. As customers are most concerned about their safety. To assuage any concerns, request an ARGUS or WYVERN PASS ratings report demonstrating that the flight fulfilled industry standards. You may also seek data from the National Business Aviation Association to obtain this critical safety information.

As usual, our professionals are available to answer any queries you may have at any time of the day. So you don’t need to indulge yourself in this hustle and directly ask these questions from our staff. They will provide you with all the required information and save you time from this long research.

5. Can you offer a pricing quotation including everything?

The initial quotation presented to you may not include all charges but is merely an estimate of some major expenses such as fuel expense, crew expense, etc. but there are piles of charges which can be added to your expense later on. These charges include parking fees, catering charges, Wi-Fi charges, ground handling, permit charges, and other additional expenses. These are a few examples of extra charges which are not included in your initial bill for a private jet charter.

Some businesses will offer basic services, but more demands will be added to your cost. Asking for an all-inclusive estimate also allows for comparisons when comparing charter company quotes. Thus you can choose the best one for your next air travel by getting an all-inclusive price quote!

Bottom Line

You have the privilege to ask these questions and acquire all the necessary information about the private jet you are going to book. This blog contains the most significant things you need to know before booking a private jet charter.

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