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Ourtime Dating Site Reviews: The Amazing ” Senior” Dating Platform

Ourtime Dating Site Reviews has evolved over the years and things have become easy for nearly everyone. There was a certain group that seemed to be left out and well in this Ourtime Dating Site Reviews compilation., we are going t be looking at whether it addresses the needs of the target market it was made for. There are a lot of boxes that a dating platform should tick for it to get the props. The developers of the Our Time online dating platform seem to have tried t get all the ticks they can, we are going to be looking at the ticks they got right and the ones they missed based on the Our Time reviews available online,

Ourtime Dating Site Reviews

Ourtime Dating Site Reviews

Since its launch, Our Time has caused shockwaves in the online dating scene. This has resulted in a lot of talk about the service both on the internet and in communities. The main reason for the attention that the service has been getting is because of the type of service they offer. The platform offers conventional dating services with a slight twist. The site is for 50-year old’s and those that are older.

Ourtime Dating Site Reviews – This has seemingly been something that was missing in the online dating market. The majority of people that were over 50were finding it quite difficult to find dates on sites that are a majority of teens and those in their early twenties. With Our Time things seem to have taken a turn and we are going to be looking at how people are responding.

Ourtime Dating Site Reviews

Ourtime Dating Site Reviews: The Positives

Most of the Ourtime Dating Site Reviews available online are positive. Those that we got from people in the streets seem also to be mostly positive. The main positive takeaway we got was that the users are quite happy with the fact that they have a platform that is made for them. This idea of exclusivity leaves a special mark on the. The platform was also commended for its convenience.

Spending days or even weeks trying to fish out date is an extreme sport. It is one of the most depressing things out there. With Our Time, the sea is made quite smaller without necessarily reducing the fish. People in similar age groups tend to have characteristics and interests that are quite similar. This means if your soul t is looking for a partner finding them is a whole lot easier with Our Time compared with other sites.

Another positive review that we picked up has to be the site’s user experience. Most of the people that use the platform are well in their fifties or older. Most of them are not quite tech-savvy and all they need is a platform that is easy to use and that is efficient. Our Time Provides just that. The user interface is made just for their target demographic. With large buttons that allow for easy navigation. A clean display means there is minimum confusion. Subscribing to the service is also quite as easy. The site deserves all the praise that is coming its way especially if it has to do with the user experience.

Ourtime Dating Site Reviews

Ourtime Dating Site Reviews: The Negatives

There was an alarmingly low number of negative feedback on the Our Time reviews we looked at. One common negative we picked up was the pricing. The premium subscription of the Our Time service cost just over 25 dollars and most users think that it is quite a lot. Although you can access the site for free certain features require a premium account.

Overall if you are over 50 you have no reason to be using another service that is not Our Time. Sign up today and we guarantee you that finding love will be as easy as ever.

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Is Our Time free?

Our Time is free but to access some features you need to subscribe

Can you message someone on Our Time?

Our Time has an instant messaging feature

Is Our Time for old people?

Most people on Our Time are over 50

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