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International Cupid Review: Best Way to Find Love on Earth

Online dating is one of the best highlights of the millennium. Over the past years, the market has been flooded with online dating sites. In this International Cupid review, we are going to be looking at how well the online dating giant has been faring on the market and If it’s the best online dating platform for you. If you have been around, the dating circles you have probably heard about International Cupid. The site has gained a lot of fans due to its approach to borderless dating, is this all the site offers? We are going to be answering this question and more in this review.

International Cupid Review

International Cupid Review

We are going to be looking at some of the elements that make an online dating platform excel to see if International Cupid ticks all the boxes. There has been a lot of buzz around International Cupid due to the major makeover it got recently and we are also going to be looking at all of that in this International Cupid review just to make sure it deserves all the hype it has been getting.

International Cupid Review: Accessibility

The main thrust of International Cupid has been to connect as many people as possible IN this regard their biggest task was to eliminate distance as a barrier. International Cupid is available in a large number of countries. By doing this they have managed to make their platform one of the universally accessible dating platforms available on the platform. In terms of accessibility, International Cupid does check all the boxes and they seem to be continuing in their stride to make their site as accessible as possible.

The site has plans to expand its service to penetrate Asia and Africa. With over 230 countries accessing the site at the moment you are spoilt for choice. Most people that are outside the US have been finding it difficult to access some dating platform, this is one problem you wot face with International Cupid. There are countless testimonies on the platform, and also in Backpage chatrooms meaning that if you want to find a date the site will work wonders.

International Cupid Review

International Cupid Review: User Experience

One thing that dating site developers tend to ignore when they design their platforms user experience. If the user experience of your platform is terrible then people will just create an account and never come back. How does International Cupid fare in this regard? Well, the International Cupid user experience is ok but it is not the best out there.

The web version of the platform is somewhat confusing especially when you come around the first time. The app which is available on Android is better. The user interface on the app is quite impressive and you will enjoy using it without a doubt. We can only hope that they bring a similar experience to IOS.

International Cupid Review: Security

One thing you would not want to get out there is your online dating footprint. The cringy message and the flirting should stay in between you and your potential dates. This is one thing that International Cupid does right. The reinforced security measures on the site ensure that you never lose control of your account.

The site uses a 2 step login system to ensure that no one but you can access your account. The security infrastructure is also very secure to ensure that your information is not accessed from their end. This means the last thing you have to worry about is your security.

International Cupid Review

International Cupid Review: Verdict

Overall the International Cupid dating platform is great although it could use improvements in terms of user experience, everything else is up to standard. If you want a large pool to pick your date from then we recommend International Cupid.


What is the age limit for International Cupid

You have to be 18 years or older to use International Cupid

Are there categories on International Cupid

There are several categories on international Cupid to make it easy tonavigate the site.

Is International Cupid available on IOS?

International Cupid is not available on IOS



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